Rosenstein Park Stuttgart

by 30.7.12

Hi Sweets,

We are currently enjoying the lovely weather in the South of Germany.

Last Monday we went to the Rosenstein Park in Stuttgart. We walked from the park into the city center to have lunch at 'Dean and David', one of our favorite places.

Enjoy the pictures!

The willow is my favorite tree.
Strike a pose.
Alle eendjes zwemmen in het water.
I am wearing:
  • Necklace from 'I Am'
  • Chanel sunglasses
  • Mango dress
  • C&A sandals
  • Vero Moda belt


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  1. Cute duckies *-*
    I loved your "sunny" outfit! this place looks lovely...

  2. Anonymous30.7.12

    I really like willows too! Beautiful place, I'd really like to go and visit every inch of Germany. It's my favorite country :D

  3. I was there on saturday with 2 friends! :)
    It's really a lovely place, I'll miss Stuttgart so much.. after a year in Germany I don't want to go back to Argentina!
    Naja.. I'll still visiting your blog and hoping to see Epica again :)

  4. I hope to go to this park someday. It looks absolutely beautiful and so peaceful. I love the ducks! And the horse statue. It's so majestic.
    These photos are lovely and this outfit is perfectly summery and stylish. You look wonderful.

  5. Looking nice Simone. ;)

    When you say "we", you mean you and Oliver, right?
    (couldn't make that out of the post)

    1. Oh, never mind. I just noticed him in one of the photos. lol :D

  6. Stuttgart is beautiful.... i love the Sculpture in this Park!
    And you´re always looking great!
    I like the post about fashion and make up too...

  7. Sehr schicke Fotos. :)

  8. nice pictures! , one day I'll going to Germany , it look very beautiful. I love your poses for the pictures ,you look naturally and spontaneous :)
    kisses from Chile Simone , we're waiting for you obviously ♥

    byebye *u*

  9. Great pictures, that dress it's so pretty! seems like a wonderful place :D

  10. No wonder this is on of your favorite places, what a beautiful park! Very nice! The dress and necklace are very pretty too :)

  11. Hello Simone!!! Beautiful place and beautiful dress :) greets from Uruguay

  12. There's something yellow lighted in the fifth picture... It's something spooky, or I have an big fantasy =D

  13. Wonderful pics... Such a beautiful place. And I love your dress, it looks great on you!

  14. Hi there, I was just wondering if you've seen the e-mail I sent? :) It was about some 'old' clothes - the chinese style blouse and the black seamless top (if you still have them, of course).

    Oh, and the scenery is gorgeous!

  15. Como consegue ser tão linda?!

    Amei as fotos!!