Blackwood Forest and Bodensee

by 8.9.12

Hi Sweets,

Here are some pictures of my three day holiday at the Bodensee and the Blackwood Forest, as promised. It was a short holiday but long enough to gain new wonderful memories.

I love to go on a holiday within Germany. The Bodensee is my favorite place to be until now. We live quite close and can decide spontaneously if we want to go. I like the combination of a little bit of laziness combined with action. I am not the person to lie at the beach 2 weeks straight. Because both of us already travel so much we like to take mini holidays close to home.

We rented bikes and drove around the Bodensee for 4 hours and ate Kätzle (my favorite Schwäbisch Food).

When we were at the Blackwood Forest, we were taking several walks through the mountains and had a great food at the restaurant.

As you can see all I need is fresh air, the forest and the lake, some action and good food.

Enjoy the photos!
Well, hello there Bodensee Duckies!
Testing the Bodensee.
Black Swan Lake.
I am the Candy Queen.
Turned out to be a salad.
Our hotel.
Little visitor.
Mini photo shoot.
Aren't we all big children with more responsibilities?
Follow me.
Can you see Sammie?
My precious...
Sammie is a vegetarian, although he did try to eat me and Oliver with his little teeth.
The Phantoli of the Blackwood Forest.
True love's first kiss.
A whole lot of trees.
My favorite tree.

Tim Burton (ish).
Where did I leave my mushroom? Anyone?
My kabouter.
Going home again.


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  1. Amazing Photos! <3 I loved that place!
    I hope to be there one day...
    Thank so much for sharing :)

    See you soon ^^

    Great Photographer!! ^_^

  3. Absolutly wonderfull !!

    Magik pics, thanks a lot :)

  4. Lovely place to stay, besides, you look absolutely beautiful in trainers, have a great time!!

    I'm anxiously looking forward to see you in October 5th here in Mexico City


  5. Wonderful pics have you taken! I can't help but love those sceneries. :) The tenth and the last pics are my favorites.^^

  6. Hi there Simone!

    Is really great that you share your personal life with us! That means a lot!
    Your photos are amazing!

    Greetings from Portugal!

    Come back soon!

    Kisses =)

    (I saw you twice in Portugal! Last time i was at the meet & greet in Almada and i have a picture with the band! I blamed myself a thousand times for being shy and not saying directly to you when you were signing the poster how much i love your voice!)


  7. WooW! what a peaceful and lovely place !! *__*

  8. I love Käse!! your trip and photos look awesome. The one thing I love about Germany
    is the nature and there is always, but always cute ducks and swans.

    Princess Corner

  9. Insanely beautiful place! Thank you for sharing your photos with us. :)

  10. This is one of your best posts so far in my opinion! lovely pics, intersting things to tell, beautiful place and cute animals. What else can we ask for? :)

  11. Prachtige foto's Simone. En Sammie is super schattig. Is ie van jou??

    1. Helaas niet, hij heeft al een familie.

  12. Thanks for sharing sweetheart :)

  13. Great pics -amazing place. Where did you get the red t-shirt? its lovely.

  14. Omg, all the places you visit are so gorgeous. And those photos are awesome quality You make me want to visit Germany! :D

    Kisses from Dominican Republic!

  15. OMG I love that place is wonderful to stay in contact with the nature..lovely pictures I liked so much your pic in the swing jiji <3

    Bis bald ... Candy Queen ^^

  16. Ich liebe deine Fotos! :)

  17. Your blog is full of reality. It's life! Your life! One thing that I realized (me and maybe everyone!) is that you is very poetic . The kind of texts you do when put the pic shows that your life is pure poetry! The way you see the places, the colors, the nature...All this is very nice!

  18. Anonymous9.9.12

    What a lovely place! I'm totally in love with it!
    Sammie is identical to my kitty Mou! So adorable!
    Have a nice day!

  19. amazing pics and places!i think i've been there too..thanks for sharying!

  20. Anonymous9.9.12

    Hoi Simone,

    Complimenten voor je blog! Het is leuk om te lezen en te zien wat je nog meer doet naast Epica. Ik zie dat je foto's steeds beter worden! Vooral de foto's genomen in het bos hebben iets magisch.

    Ik heb jullie nu twee keer live gezien, in mei in Den Haag en op Summer Breeze. Ik haal zoveel energie en kracht uit jullie muziek, ik kan niet wachten op een volgend album!

    Veel succes met jullie tour en met bloggen :)!


  21. this place is very beautiful, I loved the pictures * - *

  22. These photos are so beautiful! I really do like the "Tim Burton (ish)" one :D
    I like the other ones, too, of course ;)
    Seems like you've had a great time!
    Thank you for the pictures!

    With love, Victoria :)

  23. Such a beautiful place!! I'm so jealous!!

  24. PS - I loved the "Follow Me" photo, kinda reminds me of The Lord of The Rings x3

  25. Hello my dear Simone :) i like so much this pics, very beautiful places,you always post very nice pics,kisses from Uruguay.

    Jeniffer Langlois.

  26. Simone i forgot tell you that you have a beautiful kitten,i have a black kitten her name is Amy is very beautiful too :)

    1. Unfortunately Sammie is not mine. He already has a loving family that takes care of him.

    2. Ohh i thought it was yours, its very adorable like my kitten, thanks for answering,i visit your blog every day,kisses.

  27. I love these travel photos most of all! They are perfect to dream! :-)

    1. I am glad that all of you like my pictures! Love, S

  28. all the pics are really beautiful <3 where were pictures number 4 and 5 taken? seems you had a great day! can't wait to see you on October 5th :D

  29. Hi Simone,
    I'm from Brazil but I lived one year in Germany, in Tübingen, and the Bodensee is also my favorite place to stay. I always go there when I'm in Germany. Do you know Friedrichshafen? There you can enjoy that beeeautiful view of the Alpes and also you can see a zeppelin flying in the sky.
    So, you are coming to Porto Alegre this month (where I live), I hope you enjoy!

  30. What great photos! Your posts always make me desperate to go to these places. It looks like a really nice place for a mini vacation. Plus kittens and ducks are always good to see photos of!

  31. Wunderschöne Fotos! Man kann die angenehme Ruhe förmlich sehen :D

  32. Hoi Simone,

    Bij deze wil ik even laten weten dat ik het supertof vind dat je je fans door middel van je blog een kijkje geeft in je leven. Ik lees en kijk altijd met veel plezier :) Vind het ook erg leuk om te lezen dat we erg op elkaar lijken (ik ben bijvoorbeeld ook een enorme snoepkont).
    Ook wil ik nog even zeggen dat ik jou en je stem enorm bewonder. Ik kan wel uren doorgaan over hoe prachtig je kan zingen. Ik ben al jaren een groot fan van Epica :)

    In elk geval bedankt en ga zo door :)

    Liefs, Renske

  33. Oh my!! These photos are AMAZING!!! Can i ask what kind of camera did you use?

  34. Yes, maybe we are big children in many ways.. needing, searching for the same thing as always.

  35. OMG!! I REALLY love this pics! I'm feeling like lovin' you more seeing this...I think it is because you me me feel so close to the sensations of each photo... I can't explain!! I really love this post. Thank u so muck for sharing. ♥

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Japie de Krekel! :D
    Mooie omgeving

  38. Really beautiful place! I loved the pictures in the forest and in the hotel. All they are a piece of art, specially those where you appear.
    What a good holiday isn't it?

    Wish you a great time!
    And have a good travel/tour in Brazil later.

  39. Your blog looks great! I hope I'll find time soon to read more of your posts.
    I like this one. Nice spot, beautiful landscape. And very nice shots :)

  40. Ganz schön deine Bilder! Hast du jemals den Schwarzwald besucht? Er ist nur ugf. 50-100km vom Bodensee entfernt.

  41. Ah ja, habe die ganze Post nicht gelesen... :) über den Schwarzwald hast du doch hier geschrieben