Two Years of Smoon'Style

by 2.9.12

Hello Sweets,

Two years have passed since I've written my very first blog post. In these two years I've shown you my other passions besides EPICA and have gotten so much positive feedback from you. Even some guys came up to me at concerts telling me that they read my blog. At our concert at the German Summerbreeze festival I've had a video interview about my blog with EMP Rockinvasion.

I'd like to thank you all for all the support I've received these last two years and am looking forward to more blogging in the future!

I also have a question for you; what kind of posts do you enjoy the most? What would you like to see in the future?

Here's a little teaser from my 'Blitz' holiday at the Bodensee and Schwarzwald. More pictures coming soon.


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  1. I would like to see a make up tutorial :D

  2. I enjoy all the posts, but make up ones are my favorities (:

  3. Hello simone! I love your blog... the posts I like the most are the ones where u show beautiful places around the world and the ones of skin, hair care..etc

    hugs from chile!

  4. I want to than you for taking the time to post and talk about you. I personaly like the daily life of a star, to see what you do, how you dress for a normal day or for a concert, your rutines, and so on. Definetely, what you are doing this last 2 years.
    Thanks a lot and I hope to see you live on stage.

  5. Anonymous2.9.12

    Love your blog! I really enjoy seeing what beauty products you like and also photos from your travels around the world.


  6. Anonymous2.9.12

    Backstage photos shows and travel. Photo shoot that had never been seen, old photos!
    Congratulations Simone! His initiative with this blog is so cool! Hugs.

  7. Anonymous2.9.12

    I agree with Marie Junk and Mystical_Py! I would love to see a make up tutorial, preferably a video!

  8. Hi Simone,

    First of all I absolutely admire you, because you try to share your life with us. That's why we can feel that you are not just a shining star far, far away, but you are very close. So good to read every post of yours.

    As for me, I prefer hotographs from all around the world. Mainly from Hungary from your viewpoint, because I am a Hungarian guy also. :)

    Best regards,
    Viktor Jozsa

  9. Great pic, but it looks like you're gonna fall and hit your face on the ground real bad :P
    I like to read about all the products and experiences you tell us, but you could post more about trips, festivals, places you visit on holidays, etc. I loved the post about Sziget, but unlike you I have never been to Budapest and I'm very curious about this city and as many others as I can see, read about and, hopefully, visit too.
    Kisses from Brazil

  10. Hi Simone,nice picture, you are a wonderful woman :)
    I really like your blog, it's very nice :)
    I enjoy all the posts...
    Kisses from Portugal :P

  11. Anything you like to blog about! :)
    Whatever it is, I love reading it, even if I am not that keen on make-up (...not at all, actually :D). Anyway, I love your blog the way it is, so in my opinion you don't have to change anything.

    Liebe Grüße! ;)

  12. Happy blog birthday! :) I enjoy all posts, but if I had to choose I love the outfit, make-up and travel posts the most!

  13. hi, Simone. I love your blog.
    I'd love to see more posts about places you visited...i love travelling!
    Love, Clarice

  14. Congratulations for the 2 years! ^^

    Now that you've actually asked us, I really must say that my favourite posts are very few - those which tell us funny tales about you, like the toothbrush hair episode, for instance :p And I really like to read about the cities you visit (you're so lucky, I wish I could travel a lot too!)
    Personally I rarely use makeup, but I love to watch makeup tutorials (do you know who Michelle Phan is? I gotta love her!), and I also support the idea of you making a tutorial video, fresh start with no foundation!
    Would you consider this? =)

    Love from a big fan who could barely contain her tears when she met you in Portugal (Almada, April 2012)*

  15. This one is a great picture for celebrating the 2 years!!!
    Happy blog birthday!

    I like most of your entries but my favorites are those where you show us your make-up looks and when you make little reviews about products! They're useful!

  16. Happy blogue birthday! I love your make-up posts! I would like to see a tutorial, because I'm still learning. I also love your photos and knowing the other side of Simone, who seems to be an honest person... and with a sense of humor!

  17. WOW! Can't believe it's been 2 YEARS! It's crazy! Thank you for sharing your hobbies with us!

    I love reading posts in which you relate your experiences about travelling. It looks like there are not too many fans of make-up in the metal world, which is pretty sad because they don't know what they're missing. I am interested in make-up and I enjoy reading your make-up posts, but unfortunately, most of the brands you suggest aren't available here. In conclusion, I don't think the posts about make-up are useful for a good part of your readers, but the posts about skin care, hair care, truly are! I personally enjoy anything on your blog. I'd like to see more contests.

  18. I like ur's just awesome..and the fact that u'r sharing ur daily looks and daily life is just amazing..I love u Simone not only because u'r a brilliant vocalit but because u show us from this blogue how funny and honest u r! So happy blogue birthday and u'r the BEST \,,/

  19. Congratulations .. I still remember the first anniversary .. time flies so fast .I love this blog since the first time I started to reading it , and well all your post are so interesting. I would like see more about your style of outfits specially dresses , also photography, travels, food, and of course make-up .

    bis bald candy queen tschüss

  20. Well your blog is near perfect, but if there is anything I would like to see more, it would be more outfit posts. Also, I think your fashions within Epica have been quite iconic, perhaps you could share secrets like choosing an outfit for stage or talk about key pieces, such as the leather consign to oblivion dress or the lovely blue lace cat suit? xo

  21. Aww I loved that picture!
    You look so cutie and pure :) post more photos like this, with normal clothes and so natural I like that look on you <3
    I like to read your blog because you show a Simone who is just like a normal girl, with the passion about clothes, make up :) etc, something that I haven't seen here is about your shoes! I would like to know your preferences about it!

    Congrats and Greets from Mexico!

  22. Hi, Simone!
    I like all your pictures, but I love to see your "day by day" (like when you're cooking or traveling).
    I'd also like to thank you, not just for the blog, but for your work with EPICA, wich rock my world \m/
    See you guys in Brazil (September 29th)


  23. Hi Simone! Wow! 2 years? Congratulations! Maintaining a blog is not so easy. Requires dedication! I really like your posts. I like reading about your day-to-day. But my favorite posts are about makeup and outfit. I'm thinking you could help a lot to promote the importance of using makeup and cosmetics that are not tested on animals(cruelty free). Besides, I'd like to read about your routine as a singer. How do you prepare, how you choose the costumes.

    Kisses from Brazil and I hope to have a new chance to compete for a M&G.

  24. I would like to see about your life, your experiences, your feelings, your loves, your days... Simply you.

  25. hey sisi... :). Congratulations for the 2 years anniversary of smoonstyle. I love what you do on your blog. And specially i like the make up posts, when you are visiting some good places, behind the scenes from Epica, hehe, cooking posts. In fact i love everything!!!

  26. Congratulations for your blog :)

    This is really nice to see Simone behind the singer of Epica.

    A make up tutorial video will be really nice :)

    Thanks a lot far all,

    Hugs from France

  27. As someone of the male persuasion who doesn't do too much of the makeup thing, I'd love to see more cooking stuff!

  28. Hi, Smoonsie! Congratulations to SmoonStyle for its second anniversary! The time flies by so fast :D
    I also have to say congratulations for all the work you've done with Epica, I felt very proud when I saw the work
    on "Forevermore" with Ruurd Woltring, that has demonstrated how human you all are, and I have to say too that I love all and every one
    of the songs made by Epica, without exception.
    I'd love to read posts on advice for improving one's singing technique, advice on clothes, accesories and of course, make-up and more
    advise on how to take care of the hair! The blog is really cool, and I'd love to learn more about your journeys and daily life. My best wishes to
    you, Carl and all the boys at Epica, I love you all, and you're all great!

  29. Love your blog, Simone! I would like to see more beauty posts, especially hair care and make up tutorials. And I'm really interested in your own photographs, which you take with your new camera. Good luck with your blog in the future! Kisses from Hungary

  30. I love your blog, and my favourite posts are the beauty products posts. I would love to see more on the products you use for your hair, and on books that you read, although I know you prefer to watch movies.

  31. I really really like your make up tutorials (especially about stage make-up), pictures from the places you've visited and I absolutely love behind the scenes of Epica's works. Thank you! Hugs from Italy

  32. Simone!! Finally I discovered how to add comments on your blog! (I'm sorry,I didn't see it before -.-) I want to tell you that your blog is very beautiful,and I love the posts about your photography :D I hope to see you soon in Italy because I've written a letter for you :) (Don't worry,I'm a girl,not a stolker man ahah) You're great,you mean so much to me <3 You'll be the light that's shining bright high above me :')

  33. Wow solange lese ich also deinen Blog schon!
    Ich mag am liebsten deine Reiseberichte, ob mit der Band oder ohne :)
    Herz ♥

  34. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinem Blog-Erfolg!
    BESONDERS gerne lese ich deine Mode und Beauty-Tipps! Wäre toll, wenn Du weiterhin Ratschläge bezüglich Klamotten und Pflege und so geben könntest. Ich weiß nicht, ob das blöd ist, aber: Was ich auch toll finden würde, wäre wenn Du ein Fotoshooting hast und darüber berichtest oder wenn Du sonst irgendeine künstlerische Arbeit gerade am Laufen hast. So Behind the Scenes mäßig und über das Konzept dahinter. Kochrezepte finde ich auch toll!!
    Mach schön weiter so wie bisher, alles Gute!!

  35. That picture is so fun! I love it. Congrats on two years of blogging and all the fun things you've been able to do because of it.

    My favorite posts are the ones that show photographic glimpses of your daily life. I'm always interested in how people spend their time, and you always take such great pictures.

  36. Wow, two years!!!! Congrats Smoonbaby =) So it's been two years since I first got into blogs and vlogs. I didn't pay too much attetion to them until you started blogging and that was became an addiction for me to read blogs and watch video blogs all the time, specially yours ;)
    I must say you have become a marvellous blogger and I would like to thank you for all the exquisite information you always share with us. It makes me feel we're actually being part of your life =)
    The posts I enjoy the most are the ones about make up (we want a tutorial, PLEASE ^^) or any other products (it could be personal care products, food, etc). I also love we you talk about what you do in your spare time besides make up and fashion.

  37. Oh! And by the way I saw someone said that wanted to know about your routine as a singer. That would be amazing! Considering I'm a singer too, I'd love to see how you exercise your voice =D

  38. First of all: love your blog!

    I would really like to know what haircoloring you use and how you keep your hair so healthy. Also the sugestion of Florencia is a good one. I also would enjoy to know about your voice exercises.

  39. Wow, these two years have passed so fast! I enjoy reading your blog a lot :)

    I love your make-up posts, but the posts I liked the most are about your personal experiences, like that post you wrote about your day in a crowded trains in the Netherlands or when you told about the annoying guy that set next to you and Oliver one time in a flight and complained about being downgraded and things like that. I like it more detailed, and full of words and not only make-up pics.

    I wish you luck in the future, can't wait to read more from you!

  40. Hello Simone very nice pic :) haha greets.

  41. Hi Simone! First of all, I'd like to thanks you for share your life with us and I'd like you to know that I read your blog since the begining and every each day I come here to see if you post some news. Here I can learn, laugh, sing and cry with you, and this make me feel closer to a friend....yes you are my friend! Thanks for all.Congrats for the blog!! Kisses from someone who can't wait to see you in
    Rio de Janeiro.

  42. Hi Simone congrats!!! love the posts about make up :)

  43. Wow 2 years?? congratulations!!! I admire your style and makeup tips, maybe something more daily, your food, places that you love to go, more photography :D but in general your blog is ok, is a piece of your universe (besides epica), I love this photo is so cool

  44. Hey Simone! Im reading your blog since 2 years and love it!:-) Fashion and travelling I enjoy the most!Maybe you could also post some of your favorite films, books or CDs? :-)Greets from Cologne :-)

  45. I enjoy a lot reading the posts about personal experiences like that one entitled "son of a tooth brush", I find them hilarious! seriously you are a really good writer, I laughed a lot.
    I do enjoy reading make up and fashion posts, but What I really really would like to see some day is a post about vocal training, I mean you sing beautifully, you've done a great job training your voice, and I think it would be perfect if some day you could enlighten us with some vocal and singing tips.
    Greets from Catalonia

  46. Hello Sweet :) I always visit your blog. Hope that you will post more make up tutorials and fashion advices. Personally I am very interested in your looks on the stage like dress or anything :) Once I found the faux leather dress which you were wearing during the Design Your Universe tour in 2010-11. It's my favourite dress. Besides, you could tell about your life (schools, memories of childhood etc.)because I can't find a complete biography about you and your career. I send you a big virtual embrace from Hungary. Best wishes: Fanni

  47. ohh amazing picture! I have your blog your youtube chanel, i saw Epica band 8 times!! I love your band, lyrics and also woman you are become! I would like to know how do you take care of your hair, do you make yourself color or with hairdresser!!
    French fan!!

  48. Congratulations, cos' to keep a Blog isn't easy, I'm sure, specially for somebody so busy like you.Smoon Style is composed to things that you like,live,think,buy,wear,see,eat,sold,hear,smells,feel.Smoon Style it's you! Thanks for give to me a piece of this!

    So, I sugest once again to see here,ops,to hear you singing other songs from other bands.Just for curiosity! I love your voice!And I sugest too: see a make up tutorial inspired in the ages 30,40, 50, and 60.

    This is all.I hope to see/hear my will!

    Agnesc kisses...:)

  49. I would love to hear about your usual routine when you go to the gym. I'm currently working on building my own exercise regime and I'd love some new ideas!

    Happy second anniversary! :)

  50. Yes, please post more pictures of you on these beautifull places that fit you very well.
    Im on the countdown to see you on Porto Alegre/Brazil on the venue and at the meet and greet.
    Take care,

  51. Make-up or beauty (how to make-up videos for your youtube blog please), travelling (I saw very beautiful place in Germany in this summer thanks to you), cooking ( you are good at cooking too, I tried one of your reciep and I love it)
    Keep blogging dear

  52. I enjoy all the blogs, variety is good but finding out about the products you reccomend and make up are my favs.

  53. Hi:

    My best wishes to you.

    Simone you are no longer the same I met awhile ago and do not sing like I mean your lyrical tone, your makeup more than usual happened to you that this change again with your corset's to Simone that towards more hedbanding in do not take the stage as a criticism, really claim these very changed.

    I really hope to sing again in a lyrical tone I do not say no if well wear makeup every girl does but without much makeup you're beautiful. Why I say this because to me you are a very big influence in terms of voice thanks to you and the band Epica was the first metal band to listen,.
    It seems you care more makeup than you do in Epica which is singing your hair is more blonde ever that does not return to the red that is best for you please do not take criticism, complaint.

    I will continue to support. you and the band.


  54. Congrats on those 2 years !
    (And Thank You, I've surely enjoyed them as a reader/viewer)
    I think the posts I like the most are those about traveling... and random funny little facts or stories about your everyday life.

    Lovely picture btw!

    Greetings =)

  55. Hi Simone it has been a year since I became a fan and discovered your blog. I love Epica. It has been a pleasure to read your blogs and see your YouTube channel. I would like to see makeup tutorials of your stage makeup and regular everyday makeup. I would also like to see some singing techniques and warmups you use before a concert.

  56. I would like to see your goth style return.
    You looked so beautiful in the past...

  57. I am in love with your blog and am always excited for new posts, no matter what the content.

    But if I had to pick a favorite kind of posts it's the travel photos and basically all the behind-the-scenes/non-Epica life you live. :)

  58. Hi Simone,

    I enjoy all your posts but mostly the ones that show a bit of your daily life, I just wonder how can you manage to always look so beautiful and do everything else (take care of the house, cook, travel for fun, meet friends, besides composing and recording for Epica, and maybe working - do you have work besides Epica?), looking beautiful and staying healthy probably takes quite some time and effort. I work a lot hence I don't have much time to take care of myself, and that's very disappointing to me.. :/
    Maybe you could give some tips on that.


  59. ours did not know you had this blog for so long, I found it a little while ago, well I like to read about makeup and travel makes you * - *
    I think you could also talk about clothes combinations for various seasons :)
    love you and keep writing

  60. Anonymous11.9.12

    Hi Simone! And happy birthday to your blog. I enjoy most of the posts but there's one thing you could add: some workout tips videos.
    take care.

  61. ♪ The hills are alive with the sound of music ♪

  62. liked your photos

  63. About everything! Make up, food, music, fashion, travelling, singing, german culture... even you have lived during the tours. You have too much experiences to share with us (:3)! I would love to find a different post each time, any fact you find interesting in your daily life can be a good post for your blog.

  64. Hello Simone!!

    I do love the make-up posts. I would love for you to continue sharing those. And make-up tutorials!

    I know you love photography too. How about some photography tutorials? How do you get those beautiful self portraits? I would really love how to actually take good photos of my own make-up. I own an DSLR and I guess learning what settings and lighting works best would be great!

    Maybe doing Q&A posts now and then with fans? We can post questions in the comment section and you go through and answer as many as you can or want to. You can then share them with the rest of the fans.

    Another cool thing I know Anette Olzon does is contests. She'll raffle away items by having us post in her comments. I think she numbers the comments and randomly picks winners that way. Just a thought!

    But I would certainly love photography posts too.


  65. And I just realized this post was in 2012! LOL

    Somehow when I opened your blog this was the first post I saw and I got a bit confused.

    Either way, my suggestions are the same ;). Especially the photography ones!

    I hope you're doing well! Now to read the more recent updates :D.