Latin American Tour Part II

by 10.10.12

Hey Sweets,

Our tour through Latin America was a huge success! So many fans came to visit us. It was unbelievable! I'm glad that we've made a picture at the end of each show. Like this I get to keep a wonderful souvenir.

Each and every show was amazing. We even conquered new land; Paraguay. We were only 8 hours in Paraguay and had to take off again unfortunately, but we did have a bloody good time there! We've received many gifts, artwork and had lots of meet and greets.

In these three and a half weeks I flew 19 times, had 14 shows and one free day.

It was a sensational tour filled with air-conditioned (fridge temperature) planes, immigration forms, churrascarias, co operative and less co operative hotels and last but not least, zillions of devoted fans.

Thank you for making us feel so welcome and remember that the greatest gift you can give us is by coming to our shows and letting us sign your Epica CD's and cassettes, I've seen one in Brazil!).

Amazing live shot.
I want this mirror. 
Waiting at airports. Eating apples.
Meet and greet.
Children's toilet. Too small for my Dutch bum.
More waiting at airports, apples and Samsung battery drainers.
Mini me. So cute!
Barbie Simons!
One of a kind. 
Drinks at the hotel.
Power food. Don't tell Mark.
Seriously, you guys spoil us too much! 
My favorite Epica video and movie combined.
Chocolate Death, Mexican style.
Flying over Sao Paulo.
10 Years have flown by so fast!
Me gusto mucho nacho!
Driving home, or maybe not.
a 'Jet lagged and happy'

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  1. Zo te zien en te lezen hebben jullie het enorm naar jullie zin gehad. Thanks for sharing the photos and stories :D

  2. Cool pictures!! I'm really sad because I couldn't go to Mexico City but I hope to see Epica in a near future.

    Simone, I can barely see the 9th photo, I mean, I don't know what it is, Can you tell us?


  3. Thank you for the amazing show in Asunción! We'll wait for you to come back ;) Hope next time you stay a few days so you can see the city :)

  4. 'Churrascarias', love that (:

  5. amazing pics :) i loved the show here in Mexico City!!! i was at front row!!!! mark was in front of me <3 it was the best day of my life...

  6. Hallo candy queen ^^ Beautiful pictures. The concert in Mexico was incredible as always, I saw you at the airport but I couldn't get a picture with you , maybe the next time .

    So good luck with the upcoming tour. tschüss

  7. I love you, Simone <3
    Thanks for the great shows of Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre!!
    At the next meet & greet will take another cassette for you autograph :)

  8. Simone, i wanted to ask you. Which make up did you use on the Mexico City concert? it was really amazing,you were like only 1 meter far away from me, you are perfect... and very thin! :) not skinny; thin, which is good :) love you!!

  9. OMG again my "smoon crochet doll" this time not scream a lot as when I saw your instagram lol. I hope you liked, the next time I see you I'll have a new version of you my dear Simone, I hope very soon, I love you ! Thanks for making me smile again.
    Karina from Santiago, Chile.

  10. Always beautiful! I love Epica!! I hope you come back again to Brazil in 2013! * _ *

    1. Epica has to go back in Rio de Janeiro every year!!! s2

  11. Anonymous11.10.12

    I didn´t ever know that there was a meet n´greet at Medellín, including the fact that i study right there (At the university of Medellín):(

    Hope to get there next time you come!! Hope soon!

  12. Epica would like to visit Dominican Republic some day?

  13. What a wonderful happy post! I love you, you always seem to be so positive. :)
    If you ever come to Finland again, I'll take my The Divine Conspiracy and Classical Conspiracy albums for you to sign!

  14. These are such fun photos. How great. It's good that you don't let the busy schedule drain you.

  15. What a wonderful collection of photos

  16. Sounds like you had so much fun! the pictures captured it so well, that I almost felt like I've been there with you and felt your fun! I'm glad you enjoyed and hope to see more posts like this one in the future :)

  17. Great pictures! Seems like a wonderful time! Hope your Jetleg gets better ;)

  18. Wow, the drawing(?) of Jack and you is amazing! :)
    I love Tim Burton's stuff - and your music, of course! :D ♥

  19. Sounds really fun and you look amazing like usual ^_^ Lucky people in Latin america! I really hope you can come to Tunisia and ROCK it on! You guys won't regret :3

  20. Great pics!! I want barbie Simone!!! :-P

  21. Hi Simone! I can't wait to see your photos of Sep,29th in Rio de Janeiro! I gave to you a little heart, which Coen Janssen put above the keyboard, and then put inside his shirt.... could you tell me if He gave it back to you or keeps with it for him???
    I'd love to see a photo of my gift in your hands ♥ !!!Thank you!

  22. I'm so glad I met you guys. You still can see a smile on my face everytime I think about it! I'll cherish this night forever, despite the fact I was so nervous that I didn't knew what I was talking about...or what I was doing! LoL
    Thank you for the amazing night *-* I wish I could go back in time just to have more 30min. with you and all the guys! haha.

    xx, Laís.

  23. What is Marks Problem with bananas?

  24. SiSi, his voice is like an elfa not only the voice but also the appearance, was on his show in Rio de Janeiro, it was my first time and loved it, you saw me and smiled at me, I'll remember this moment forever . already want to go again, I hope you come back again

  25. So nice seeing that you've got some brazilian nail polish! Some of them aren't as good as the ones you're used to use, but it's nice to try! Sorry my poor English!

  26. I love the picture of you in front of the mirror, this instantly reminded me of the Evil Queen in Snow White speaking to her Mirror on the Wall - in a good way, though, and of course YOU would be fairest of them all in this story ;)
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  27. Thank you for the great show in Porto Alegre!
    We hope you guys come back soon!

    And man, I was completely raptured by your beauty and voice haha

  28. Why "don't tell Mark"? didn't get that ;-P