Say Philly Cheese

by 29.10.12

Hi sweets,

It seems that something went wrong when I first posted this. Let's hope that the second try will be successful.

These pictures were taken during our two day stay in Philadelphia. It was the first time for me that I saw more of the city than just Chinatown. We had an awesome stay in Philly!

Enjoy the pictures!
Cool shop that sells unique bar stools.
This buddy is waiting for a new family at
PAWS Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society.
Downtown Philly.
Exploring the city.


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  1. Glad you had such a fun time in Philadelphia. Hope it's not too long before you guys are back :)

  2. great great!! <3 no videos from this tour?? good luck with all the next shows!

  3. Did you see how beautiful this city is? I'm living here since one year ago and I always find something new... however you being here made it even more beautiful! :) Thanks for coming and come back soon!
    PS: I was really sad of arriving late to the greeting, I couldn't see you nor say hello... I'd have love having a picture with you... :( anyway, was amazing seeing you performing so close... Dank! =D

  4. hey!!! thanks for fix the problem. Awesome post. You are my blogger inspiration!! :)

  5. Anonymous29.10.12

    Nice photos - thank you for sharing. I have never been to Philly. I'm glad that you and the band are out of harm's way with Hurricane Sandy. Stay warm!!


  6. I want to go to the shop that sells unique bar stools,I would try to get a skeletal stool or a toilet shaped stool.Miss Simons it looks roasting in Philadelphia!Never knew that the Rocky statue existed.

  7. Very beautiful pics, as always!! The last one is great! :-D Happy you enjoyed that place! Hope to see you guys in concert soon!! Bye!

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  9. Hi Simone!! Beautiful city!
    Now, I hope you'll enjoy your shows in Canada! =)
    Yesterday, Grenoble (France) was all white, there was 15cm of snow!
    I love what you do and can't wait to see you again

  10. Hello Simone nice pics my favorite pic is the kitten is very beautiful :)

  11. Great photos! I want to go to Philly some day. I love the picture of the flock of metal men roaming the streets.

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  13. I love that you loved Philadelphia!! I was at the show (I'm the girl who gave you the Urban Decay eyeshadows. I really hope you like the colors). It is a nice city, and I should go there more, considering I live so close. Did you check-out the Reading Terminal Market down the street from the Trocadero? It's a lovely market and if you want to try a good lunch, there are a ton of choices there. :)

    <3 Lauren