Black and White

by 19.11.12

With all the colorful photo shoots that I've uploaded lately, I thought it would be nice to share a classic black and white shot. This was made in Paris during my promo tour for 'Requiem for the Indifferent'. Photographer 'Unknown' unfortunately, I had many photo shoots that day. Feel free to fill me in on this matter.

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  1. You look absolutely beautiful, gorgeous and stunning! Just like you were in concert in los Angeles and in person! ♥

  2. I'm pretty sure I know who the photographer is.. let me dig and make sure before I give the name!

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    2. I found the pictures, but it was not this one. Same room, same day but not the same pictures.. (as you said you have many photo shoots that day! xD).. so it is still a mystery for now!

  3. Was this picture taken during this interview?

    The wallpaper looks the same & it looks like you are wearing the same clothes.

  4. I love your blog! I'm always aware of what you raise, I love your photos! You are so beautiful ... 're perfect, think you're a metal icon wow, you're amazing. I send you a kiss from Uruguay! I hope you come back soon, I love you! :)

  5. hello my dear Simone and the only one for me this picture came forth beautifully and naturally not always been colorful, waiting anxiously for the next beautiful photographs kissing greetings from Polish tight xxxxx!

  6. woow, loved your outfit! do you have any idea of what were you using? if not, don't worry :)
    lovely Smoon :*

  7. Hey Simone :) !
    I just wanted to tell you that I love youuu,haha :)
    You 're so SOOOOO cute & gorgeous. You're like an angel ^_^
    My boyfriend loves you, too :D
    I love your blog! You made me try EOS lip balms and I really REALLY loved them :)
    I would be sooo glad if you'll visit my blog here ( )
    Keep in touch!
    Kisses from Greece :***

  8. I love black and white pics... it's really classic :)

  9. Black and white photos are amazing, i really love it! Simone, have you ever heard about a brazilian guru called Camila Coelho? Her videos are very, very nice and she is starting with her new english channel on YT, she's already got a portuguese channel of a lot of sucess. i'm saying that because i really like your tips about make up and your post about it on your blog, and i think that you really gonna like of the Camila Coelho's videos, I'm very fan of her and of you =)
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  10. adoro tu blog... y sobre todo a ti... eres una inspiración para muchas personas, te felicito por tus logros y por tu hermosa voz, sigue asi de simpatica y agradable.... Desde Chile muchos cariños Simone :)

  11. Nice atmosphere. Classy!