Thursday, November 22, 2012

Parking Lot

Hi Sweets,

Before the Latin American tour kicked off in September, I had a day off in Atlanta after our awesome show at Progpower. Tiffany Lynn took me out for some shopping and we had a photo shoot on top of a parking lot. We had a fun day with a surprise ending at a Walmart. One of the employers rammed our car with a shopping carts... It ended well, luckily. No one got hurt, but her car got damaged. Walmart took care of the damage.

  • Dress | River Island
  • Necklace | H&M
  • Ring | House of Harlow
  • Lipstick | Chantecaille Anais Lip Chic

Love from San Antonio, Texas

Monday, November 19, 2012

Black and White

With all the colorful photo shoots that I've uploaded lately, I thought it would be nice to share a classic black and white shot. This was made in Paris during my promo tour for 'Requiem for the Indifferent'. Photographer 'Unknown' unfortunately, I had many photo shoots that day. Feel free to fill me in on this matter.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jeremy Saffer

During my stay in Worcester, I was thrilled to find out that I was going to have another photo shoot with Jeremy Saffer. I love his work and find him a great photographer to work with. He knows what he wants and he is fast. My kind of guy.

Here you find a little selection of our photo shoot.

  • Cardigan | H&M
  • Jacket | Asos
  • Lipstick | MAC Freckletone


Monday, November 12, 2012


Hi Sweets,

Yesterday we were in beautiful Vancouver. Due to the early border crossing, I overslept a bit after I went back to bed. I had only one hour time of sightseeing in between the sound check and the meet and greet. Isaac joined me again and together we braved the cold.

It was a beautiful sunny day and when we went out the sun had almost set. We were both impressed by the city and a bit bummed out that there was no more time to explore the city. It was also so cold outside and we were both not really equipped for this weather.

From what I've seen in the hour that we were walking around was beautiful buildings, gorgeous mountains and a lot of good smelling restaurants around. I definitely wished I had more time and a thicker coat to keep me warm. I would love to see more of this city!

Our show was amazing and the Canadian fans made us Dutchies feel at home with a certain smog that was spread in the air ;)

Enjoy the pictures!

Made by Isaac.
Made by Isaac.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bordeaux Boulevard

Hi Sweeties,

The weather in Denver was so incredibly not autumn like, it was almost bikini weather, but I decided to wear something else. The only women walking around in bikinis/lingerie that can get away with it are the 'Victoria Angels', not me.

Isaac joined me on my way to Starbucks and took my camera to shoot some pictures for the blog. It is so nice to have somebody with a great eye for composition with me on tour. Hope you like the pictures! More info on what I'm wearing below the pictures.


  • Sunglasses from Ray Ban
  • Blazer from Asos
  • Top from Zara
  • Pants and Necklace from H&M
  • Shoes from Gortz
  • Bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha
  • Lipstick from Revlon 'Backstage' Ultimate Suede Lipstick


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blazing Red

Business suites have never been my forte, but I do love a nice blazer. You can combine them in so many different ways without looking like you're about to go in to a meeting. My closet contains a couple of black blazers. They come in all shapes and different fabrics. Some I've even worn during live shows in the past.

This past summer Zara came out with a range of really colorful blazers made out of cotton. They are unbelievable comfortable. Sometimes blazers can limit your flexibility. I was searching for a nice yellow blazer since so long, but didn't find the right fit and the right color yellow. I tried the yellow blazer from the Zara collection, but this one was a bit too neon for me.

There was another color that caught my eye. It was their really bright red blazer. That was the one that went home with me. It was a nice memory from my day off in Budapest with Rob during the Epica tour. A big thanks to Rob for being patient enough to go shopping with me. I liked it so much that I decided to take it with me to our Latin American tour in September. Unfortunately, that's where it stayed. I hung it in the closet of the hotel in Buenos Aires. We had a super early lobby call (4 am) the next morning and I forgot to take it out of the closet. When I hung it in the closet to de wrinkle, I knew that I was going to forget about it.

  •  Lipstick YSL Rouge Volupte nr.14
  • Shirt and necklaces from H&M
  • Pants and blazer from Zara

As soon as I landed in Chile, I found out that I forgot it and called the hotel in Buenos Aires to see if it was still there. They told me to call back the next morning to check with the cleaning lady. So I did, but no blazer unfortunately. That means that someone stole it and that really breaks my heart. This blazer had sentimental value and was still so new. How can people just take the belongings of someone else without having a guilty conscious? I couldn't.

After surfing a while on the internet, I found the blazer again on, but in medium. I ordered it anyway even though my first one was an S. I even saw the blazer at a Zara in Uruguay when we were still on tour, but the exchange rate was not to my advantage and I'd already ordered it on I am glad to be reunited with the blazer and will never hang it in the hotel clothing closet because I know that I will forget about it.

Have you ever lost a piece of clothing that had great value to you?


Monday, November 5, 2012

Into the Night

Hi Sweets,

Before I left on the tour I made some pictures for the blog. On tour the lighting is very poor and it is difficult to make 'beauty' pictures in a dark bus with artificial lighting.

This is OPI's 'Into the Night' from the 'Amazing Spiderman' collection. The color in the bottle looked so alluring that I had to have it. It looked like a magic potion. Unfortunately it is very sheer and needs three coats before it is opaque. You could also put a dark blue or black nail polish as a base, but then the color might turn out different.

I am leaving now to go into the night,

Sleep tight!