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    1. As a kid I loved to go grocery shopping with my grandpa. He would always buy me candy.
    2. I am not the best swimmer. When I dive, I fall flat on top of the water and close my nose.
    3. I tried to make lemonade by putting one skittle in a mini cup of water in my little baby kitchen.
    4. I liked camping in my own yard, during the day.
    5. I only loved Carnaval as a kid because of the make up and candy.
    6. My sister and I wanted to start a girl band.
    7. My first best friend was a woman of color. We were separated because she had to move away. I was heartbroken.
    8. I always wanted to have brown eyes, I love brown eyes!
    9. I made an unwanted salto with my sisters bike and didn't get a scratch.
    10. During the recordings of 'The Phantom Agony' I was hospitalized with 41.5 degrees Celsius fever. I was red like a lobster.
    11. I like to wear my dad's glasses to pretend I am Andy from 'Little Britain', although I go temporary blind afterwards. He's got 6+.
    12. When my sister and me were pulling ropes, I fell through a glass door. Not a scratch.
    13. The sound of rain on a roof top is pure relaxation. That is when I am inside.
    14. The smell of extinguished candles reminds me of Christmas.
    15. I value my privacy and personal space.
    16. My days have 25 hours. I wish.
    17. I do like some songs from Evanescence. Tourniquet is my favorite.
    18. I have no sense for direction. I always walk in the wrong direction (same with choosing lines at the checkout). My inner navigation system is defect.
    19. I've been told that I can cook very well.
    20. I don't like to clean after cooking.

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    1. Interesting and funny facts:) Number 10 surprised me, I feel like going to hospital even with 37 degrees Celsius fever. I'm glad that after that experience and those saltos and falls you are still here with us!:)

      Love, Sherylis

    2. This is great!! is nice to read more about your real person, :3

    3. Wow, you like some of Evanescence's songs. :D
      They are one of my favourite bands :D

    4. A fun post! :D In 18 you totally described me! How can I always choose the opposite direction? That's just pure talent!

    5. That was very interesting! Lucky you with all of saltos and falls and no scratch!

      Hope see you soon back in chile!


    6. I know one thing: you are very lucky! Fall and not get hurt! Some facts like the 13,15,6,14 I identified myself. There is nothing different about you. Just that you're the most adorable person in the world. (in my opinion) (:

    7. Never a scratch? Wow, Simone! You're immortal! I've always known you're a goddess! haha
      But I've never known that you like Evanescence... Glad that you do! To Tourniquet I prefer Missing and Taking Over Me.
      Very interesting blog post :)

    8. Great to know more personal things about you! Thanks for share, you rule!!!

    9. Thanks for let us know you better :) Personally i appreciate it. There are funny facts that i use to do too, like numer 20 :P

    10. Glad to hear you like some Ev songs ^^ I knew you weren't a racist since you come to Mexico almost every single year ha! Greetings and hugs! :D

    11. Interesting facts! It's great to get to know a little bit about you as a person, and not only your artistic side.

    12. Awesome! Would be cool to have an Amy Lee & Simone duet :D amy can play the piano or harp while you sing! Or you both sing! Hehe sorry my fan dreams! Anyways thanks for letting us know more about yourself simone!


    13. I already knew number 5 & 10.
      The rest was very interesting to read.
      Especially about the accidents that where you didn't get harmed at all. Good though. A secret super-power of yours maybe? :)
      About Evanescence was a bit surpising, but cool. I used to be obsessed with that band years before I came across Epica!

      from Paramaribo, Suriname

    14. #5: Same for me. The oportunity to dress like a fairy, or witch, or anything else was very appealing back then!

      #7: I was in the opposite situation. =) She is gone too, 2 years ago.

      #13: I love to sleep with this sound at night!

      #17: So do I; but I like "Imaginary", "Lithium", "What You Want" and "Lacrymosa". This last on is very good to sing along in shower! *laughs*

      #20: I clean while I'm cooking. Kinda crazy, huh?

    15. Very interesting, thanks for sharing with us. Greetings from Peru ;)

    16. You are really lucky when you have accidents, never a scratch! Thank you for sharing this, it's always nice to know a little more about you :)

    17. Loved to know more about you! I hope now that people know that you don't hate Evanescence, they'll stop forcing a imaginary fight between you and Amy ;D

      Greetings from Brazil! ;)

    18. Owww, it's always nice to know something about you, Smoon! You're such a wonderful person, and you sharing these things with us is really nice. I wish more of our idols would get in touch like this. It's important for us, and fulfilling.

    19. Amazing facts Simone!
      I still remind when I saw you in Argentina, at the airport, thank you for give me a pic with you, and for signing my RFTI :)

    20. more, more, more pleeeeassseee! :D

    21. The way I see it is, if I'm makin' the food, why should I have to clean it up too? -_- I don't mind doing one or the other, but I hate doing both.

    22. "18. I have no sense for direction. I always walk in the wrong direction (same with choosing lines at the checkout). My inner navigation system is defect." - Mine too! :)

    23. You don't have to like Evanescence, it's ok to hate a band too (their music i mean, not the members) in my opinion. It's your life and your choices. I used to be a huge Evanescence fan, now I don't like them much for various reasons, but I heard Epica and Nightwish for the first time because of them, hanging in their forum.
      It kinda broke my heart you had to explain that you are not racist. Of course you are not! People are so cruel for saying that. You didn't seem racist to me when you were here. Fans are crazy sometimes and as a shy/coldish person I understand you. You can't please everyone and you can't be nice to people 7/24, you're a human with feelings.
      I admire you for sharing your life, experiences, trips and make up/beauty tricks with us, please never stop doing that as long as you have time and willing. Haters gonna hate, we can't stop them bu we can ignore. They're a bunch of losers.
      Thank you for the infos, it was amusing to read. :)

    24. I'm really surprised by #18! And now I'm wondering if you ever "get lost" when you travel to another city/country and go sightseeing or shopping?
      But I don't have a sense for direction either. I'm really bad at reading maps, so I always get lost even if I have one.

      Thank you for sharing this with us!
      Greetings from Stuttgart

    25. I love you simone

    26. You are the best singer in the world!!!!!

    27. when i see you, i cant see just a woman with makeup, i see a really woman smart with great personality, i see a good person. Your beauty external just reflect what you are inside .... beauty external and inside, this is what i see in you.

      I love you Simone

    28. oh, i think Simone never told us she HATE evanescence .. she said she like Evanescence too but she DON'T WANT to be compared to Evanescence because yes obviouosly Epica and Evanescence come from different genre. I think it you who hate Evanescence and you think Simone hate Evanescence ? Nah, nope !! -___-" if Simone could respect another band so why dont ya do the same like her ? Simone has an angels heart :'D

    29. Nice post Simone!! And very nice facts!
      Well...who doesn't hate cleaning after cooking?? That's one of the most annoying things in the world!!
      You have no sense of direction...you know, you're not the only one!! Because of that I made some of my best Epic Fails *pat-pat on her own shoulder*...

    30. spaetzle is one of my recipes preferiadas, my father came from Germany that is a traditional dish, you should visit the south of Chile, curanto eat the food of southern Chile is very mystical, you have much to learn

    31. This is nice to read that :) Thank you Simone
      number 2 makes me smile
      I imagined you diving haha

      Now, I can't wait to be at the end of the month, in Eindhoven!!!!! Yaaaay


    32. This is nice to read that :) Thank you Simone
      number 2 makes me smile
      I imagined you diving haha

      Now, I can't wait to be at the end of the month, in Eindhoven!!!!! Yaaaay


    33. Thanks for this Simone. Little Britain is pretty awesome I love the sketches whith the "fat lady suits" UK comedy is pure gold. Mitchel & Web, Still Game & Chewin' the fat are the most hilarious shows of all time.
      I think it's sad that you have to state that you're not racist, some poeple think you are because of a video of you greeting a South American fan & he tries to kiss you & you politly decline the kiss.

      I understand your value of privicy. When you came to Glasgow I saw you outside, but I didn't want to approach you incase you were tired & I didn't want to annoy you. I got to meet you in the Classic Grand anyway so I was happy. Every time I look at my signed Consign to Oblivion it makes me smile. I also turned my photo with Epica into a huge poster, it's pretty damm awesome.

      You do cook well Simone. The new years eve dinner you made looked amazing & the chicken zuccin with rice video you made a while ago inspired me to make several variations of that dish.
      I like camping too, although I do it in the Scottish Highlands in the wild away from campsites, I was lucky enough to see a few rare red squirels, black grouse & caprically.
      As for EV, sorry not a fan, but no disrespect to Amy Lee. I think she has a beautiful voice I can really feel her pain in My Imortal.
      I've never been to a carnaval, although we do have a highland games every year in my village. Tossing the caber,hammer throws & bagpipes it's madness.

      Can't wait to hear the expandad edition of The Phantom Agony, got the pre order the day it was announced. Thanks for the live stream of Retrospect. I'm going to hook my pc up to my 5.1 souround sound to enjoy it in the best quality.

    34. I also had 41 fever once.

    35. I'm assuming no.1 is the reason why you have such a sweet tooth :)
      Great read. I can relate to a lot of these things, especially no. 7, that happened to me too. X

    36. Thanks for sharing with us, it was fun to read!
      It's awful to see how some people behave towards you, it's downright painful. Even more so since you look very much like my little sister, especially with glasses =)
      I think it's crazy how today, especially artists, are expected to be extroverts. Even I, who's nobody :P can get irritated at people who don't understand that I need my own space. I'm not naturally outgoing and super social all the time. That doesn't mean I go around and think I'm too good to talk to people, it just means I'm shy!
      I just want you to know that everybody doesn't expect you to be a certain way, we just like you for you.
      And the chef should never have to do the dishes ;) That's what you have dinnerguests for...

    37. Interesting post and you look so funny with these glasses. ;-)
      Seems that you are very lucky concerning accidents...
      I totally agree with numbers 13, 15, 16 and 18, I am just the same. It's nice to read that people with a great music career like you are just like other people and - sometimes - also walk the wrong directions. ;-)

      Hugs, Steffi <3

    38. +6? Dat valt best mee. Mijn opa heeft +10... Leuke foto's trouwens!

      ...Want that one...

    39. Thank you - I enjoyed reading this! And *THANK YOU* for making Retrospect available online - can't wait!!


    40. Oh my Sisi... I almost cry by reading all of this facts... thank you so much for share this particular point of your life with us. I like Evanescence too, hehehe! ♥

    41. These facts are really interesting and funny at the same time, thanks for sharing them with us! I think 10 was the most interesting one, I wish you much health!

    42. Dear Simone,
      thank you so much for this little insight in your life! I love reading about those funny interesting things we usually don't know about you.
      "Tourniquet" is a great song indeed! :)

      And it seems a bit like you're Unbreakable, withstanding all your little accidents without a scratch ;D

      I'm happy you shared this, all the best for you!

    43. Thanks for sharing all this. I think it's a clever, polite way to address the people who have said horrible things about you. Not wanting people to touch you without your permission certainly doesn't make you a racist. Being famous doesn't mean you've given up the right to personal space and privacy, and anyone who thinks otherwise deserves what they get.

    44. Yes!!!! We want more 20 facts!!! ;) hahahaha

    45. Just lovely!

    46. Hi Simone!! I was in the last Epica's concert in Rio de Janeiro and I gave you a little heart. You can see on this link below ( from 3:00 to 3:04 minutes) that you and Coen are playing with "my heart" :

      Simone, could you please tell me if you take this gift with you? I just need to know.... please, it's very important to me :(
      Thank you in advance! Love from Rio, Brazil!!! ♥

    47. Pretty, always! ;)
      Kisses from Brazil.


    48. Simone, you don't have to explain yourself to anyone.

      You are super talented, and you set a great example to all those grungy little girls that think that listening to metal means that they shouldn't brush their hair and need to wear black all the time.

      You should not waste your time trying to pacify any of the ignorant brats that call you racist, because only an idiot would watch that video and assume that.
      I love your blog btw

    49. I really love reading these little factoids about you. Of course, you're not racist. Its a pity to me that some fans don't respect the fact that the people they idolize have their own personal pet peeves and idiosyncrasies.

      One of my other favorite musicians, Emilie Autumn, gets a lot of undeserved hate messages as well. Maybe, this is why my favorite Evanescence song is " Everybody's Fool," since it's about how some of us forget that the musicians and artists we love are every bit as human as ourselves.

      Can't wait to hear see the Retrospect live feed. I'm buying some pinot noir just for the occasion!!
      -Justin B.

    50. Cool! :) I'm glad to let me know about these *.* Anyway, do you wear contact lenses? (because of your glasses in your childhood - it's so cute ^^)

    51. OMG i feel so close to you LOL when you said you watch little britains i sooooooo love that shooooooow my Godness! specially carol beer ♥ ehehe
      by the way i love you more than cupcakes Simone ♥

    52. i liked the fact about evanescence because epica und evanescence are my 2 favorite bands :D

    53. I think we have a lot of things in common :) haha thank you for your time, Simone!!! i know it isn't very easy to pick these things about you haha you are so perfect!

    54. Im not a good swimmer either... I'm not the only one! My boyfriend should read this post :/ Haha. You could make an Evanescence cover... It would be... Amazing! Wonderful! Marvelous! Magnificent! Gorgeous! Heavenly! (Hatter! Oh, sorry Alice)

    55. Point 8: Have you proved Mate? In Uruguay, or Argentina? I think it won't like you, but it's so important in Uruguay's culture. Just curiosity... Thanks Simone, love you <3


    56. It's so fun to read facts about my favorite bloggers or celebrities. I love to see that little bit of insight. Thanks for sharing!

    57. Funny to read :D I like Evanescence too, and about the orientation thing, I tell people that I could get lost in a straight street :') Luckily my boyfriend is very gifted at orientation. :p

      Good luck at Retrospect! Wish I could come and see you guys, but I'll have to wait until Graspop. Greetings :)

    58. Thanks for sharing this, it is interesting!

      By the way, I wonder what your sister's name is?

      Have a nice day,

    59. Sometimes the singers and celebrities are seen as untouchables and other worlds, but the sweetness and simplicity that are revealed in every word that comes from your being, show that it is not. May your heart and the magic that emanates from each person carries within himself.
      proof of that is the little things that make life magical as your 20 facts. nice day.

    60. Yeah, thanks for share and make all of us feel closer... all we want...

    61. <3

    62. You wanted to have brown eyes? How is this possible? Hahaha... for me blue eyes are the most amazing, especially yours! Well, I guess we always want what we don't have... I have brown eyes and I wish they were blue or green XD

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