by 16.3.13

Hi Guys,

Retrospect is coming closer. Only one week until the big day! We are all getting in shape for this show. Yesterday we had our first day of rehearsing the 3 hour Retrospect setlist. I've made some pictures during the rehearsal for you.

Now we're starting the second day of rehearsing. Tonight from 22.00 'till 23.00 all the members from EPICA will be online to chat with you guys!

For more info please go to: Retrostream Chat Session


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  1. These photos are so fun. You all seem to have a great time together. Wish I could go to Retrospect!

  2. omg the Hungarian flag on the last but one pic *.* I'm now proud of my country *.*
    The teddy bear is cute, don't you want to sell ones like it as merchandise? I'd totally buy one :D
    Good pictures anyways :) I wish I could be there at Retrospect!

  3. Aww..that hungarian flag is melting my heart! :)

  4. The bst blog post! We cant wait to watch that unique show... I will be working during the chat season I wish I can ask some questions too but enjoy the sweet chat.
    Kisses from Turkey
    Asli X.

  5. Chilean flag on the back! We'll be watching retrospect from this part of the world

  6. I'll be there for the chat, I have no idea if it's a Skype type chat or a text chat like msn. I'm excited about it. I'm also nervous about retrospect,don't know why. Nice collection of flags here, they must bring back good memories. Whos basement is this,is it Nuclear Blast's basement?
    I'll also be there for Epica's radio apperance. The time listed on Epica's facebook page for the radio is in CET right? I think that's 1hour ahead of GMT.

  7. OMG the Hungarian flag right in the middle... now I am proud as hell!
    Will be there from Hungary, headbangin' in the first row!!!
    See you in Eindhoven guys! <3

  8. Anonymous17.3.13

    Oh lord! I was missing your last post on the blog these days! Sorry! Retrospect is coming soon and I got my ticket for Retrostream. I'm so proud of you guys! And I'm so proud to be part of this ten years of Epica! I know that I will cry like a baby when I see Retrospect online,because will be perfect. Thank you so much for all this amazing years,thank you so much for all the lyrics. I have proud to be Epican! Forever and EVER!

  9. Hahaha Rio de Janeiro's flag behind Arien!!! Great (y) I loved the chat with you, Isaac and Coen! Thanks for make us happy today ♥

  10. Holy.Freakin'.Shit.
    You still got our flag from Wrocław we gave you... something like 4 years ago?
    I personally bought it! :D I remember signing it in Wrocław Główny, it had been so long ago, even before the station was renovated...
    Oh, memories, memories... :D <3

  11. I always wanted to be in a band but I know in reality I could never do it.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  12. OMG Mexican flag!!! :D

  13. I'm sure the retrospect show will be awesome, seems like you work hard and have a good time :)

  14. It's so nice to see how much you're having fun all together :) I'm sure it will be a great show! And Retrostream is just an awesome idea, it really shows how much you care of your fans. Have a nice evening and take care!

  15. Lieve Simone (+band),

    Helaas kan ik de 23ste niet aanwezig zijn bij jullie concert omdat ik bij familie in Duitsland ben. Maar vanaf hier wil ik jullie ontzettend veel succes wensen en dat het een overweldigend spektakel mag worden. Ik had ontzettend graag het Hongaarse koor willen horen want ik heb zo'n vermoeden dat dat voor intense kippenvel gaat zorgen. Nogmaals heel veel succes. En geniet er bovenal van.

  16. Can't wait, I'm already really exited! Just two more days to go. And I'm constantly wondering which songs will be played, who'll supoort, etc. Your photos looks like you have a lot of fun working, just why I love your music so much.
    See you all in Eindhoven!
    Greets from Germany

  17. Wish to find you, but how ever it will be, looking forward to tomorrow.


  18. The preparations paid off big style. Everyone was amazing. My two highlights were Serenade Of Self-Destruction, that song has such a deep sentiment to me & my family, it brought tears to my eyes & the Stabat Mater Dolorosa duet with Floor was beautiful. The Epica medley by the orchestra was a true retrospective of a decade of audio perfection that means so much to me & moved me in ways I can't describe. It was also nice to see Ad, Yves & Jeroen on Quietus.
    I'm so glad a DVD is being made of it so I can experience it again. I was quite annoyed when the Paradiso DVD was cancelled, this will more than make up for it.
    You sounded spectacular as usual Simone. I don't like to focus on appearances since it's the music that matters to me, but can I just say that you looked really beautiful yesterday.
    This will go down as one of the classics. It surpassed my former favourite gig of all time Queen live at Wembley.

  19. Simone congratulations! The show was wonderful, EPICA was really perfect. I watched online and I know that's nowhere near the excitement of who was there, but it was exciting.

  20. Oh Dear Smoon you were so amazing yesterday. Even though I could enjoy your show in front of my computer...:) I'm looking forward to the DVD!!! I must say that a stupid gossip is spreading among your fans.Some people suggest that you're pregnant..I think it's fictitious :P But it would be gorgeous if it is true:)Otherwise I hope that you're going to visit our little country, Hungary again! I love you guys! :)EPICA forever <3

  21. Replies
    1. I can't wait for DVD!!!! *.*

  22. You were awesome! Can't wait for the DVD ;)

  23. Simone, I can't express my feelings about the concert well enough. Even from the stream, I was blown away, almost burst in tears often and had an amazing experience. You guys all were better than ever, especially you, although there will always be missing songs, setlist was huge and amazing, everything was more than perfect! That performance with Floor! I wasn't expecting such a beautiful performance, I was expecting Floor to appear only in Sancta Terra! It was so amazing! You also looked so amazing. You deserve your fans' love and nevermind the haters! They can't break you nor us. ;) When you talked about it in Ankara concert last month I was so disappointed that I wasn't gonna be able to be there once again but the stream was the best idea. Thank you for everything and beautiful 10 years! (7 in my case though, I'd give anything to hear you in 2003 and attend the first 2 concerts here ;_;)
    Btw, I'd love to see a post about the night, and maybe outfits etc... When you have the time maybe? ;)

  24. The chilean flag *-* Thanks Epica, I'll be waiting for the DVD remember Chile :( we love you all

  25. ha-ha but the bigest is ... Polish flag ;)

    Great photos :)