SmoonStyle Haul #1

by 28.5.13

Hi Sweets,

Rossmann, DM and the German pharmacies are some of my favorite places to shop. I could spend hours there if I would be given the chance. My latest shopping spree was a quick one and I just grabbed the things that were on my list.

Aussie is a renowned hair care brand and hyped on the beauty blogs. It has been available in Germany since only a couple of months. I got myself a sample to try before buying another bottle that will clog my bathroom. If I really like it, I can always buy the full size when other products are empty.

La Roche-Posay is a French pharmacy brand that has been part of our German pharmacies for a long time. I am also using their Effaclar K for my oily t zone and quite like it. Jojo from My Simple Life posted a photo on Instagram about a deodorant without aluminum, I had to get it. Thanks Jojo!

Rival de Loop's fruit peeling has gotten great reviews and landed in my basket because the price is just unbeatable. I believe it was around €2.

P2 'Lost in Paradise' was a typical case of 'high street cosmetic brands copying high end brands'. You get the same color, but for ten times less the price. Chanel has a very beautiful duo chrome nail polish in their summer collection called 'Azure'. P2 'Lost in Paradise' is quite similar and the perfect blue metallic for hot summer days.

Aussi 3 Minute Miracle Hair Mask, La Roche- Posay deodorant, Rival de Loop peeling, P2 Lost in Paradise nail polish.

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  1. beautiful nail polish :) we don't have p2 brand in the Czech Republic, it's a pity..i'm interested in their limited collections:)


  2. Anonymous28.5.13

    I Fell in love with ''Lost in Paradise'' color! I love blue colors,really. For the summer and the winter they are perfect.

  3. I have that deep conditioner from Aussie and honestly i expect more from it.
    I was even a little disappointed, it doesn't do much for my hair.

  4. I use La Roche-Posay (Effaclar K) too for my face! and it is perfect :) do you know another brand named Eucerin? I use the Dermo PURIFYER. It has NO oils nor perfumes! I really really recommend it to you and to everyone!! :)

  5. How has the hair care product been treating you? I can see your hair is looking very very smoothly and nice.

  6. Anonymous29.5.13

    The nailpolish is pretty!