Haul - Portable Perfume

by 27.6.13

Hi Guys,

Since I travel a lot and like to take my perfumes with me, I always use my Travelo. It is tiny, easy to use and you will spare your shoulders and back from lodging glass bottles around with you.

My mini haul consists out of Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy nr. 2 and the perfume 'Manifesto'. These lip balms are divine! I just love the scent and the luxurious packaging. They are very sheer and moisturizing for the lips.

I got to know 'Manifesto' when I was in Australia and I associate this with our first tour there. However, I didn't buy it back then. I waited a while and always sniffed it when I got the chance. Some perfume shops offer that if you buy a Travelo, you can fill it with a perfume of your choice. This is how I first bought 'Manifesto'. After using the perfume in the Travelo, I finally got a 30ml bottle.

Happy Sniffels!
P.S. Tim Burton Look will be featured in July.

Three Travelos. Manifesto is in the red one. 
Take off the spritz cap and pump the perfume in the Travelo. Easy peasy!

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  1. I've seen this Travelo before and got really excited about the idea, but didn't buy it back then, and now I really want to find it again... this is so practical!

  2. Ich liebe meine travelo's!!!

  3. Wow this might actually come in handy!
    *goes to search on the web*

    I also always spray perfume and when traveling it sure is extra weight.

  4. Yay!! I just found the Travelo for $10 on Amazon.com

  5. OH wow! Never heard about these before :) They are so cool and I guess they don't open inside the bags, right? :)

  6. Benutze die Travelos auch sehr gerne. Das Azria riecht toll. Manifesto hab ich noch nicht gerochen, aber schöner Flakon.

  7. TRavelo seems pretty cool, I like the concept and the design.
    I wanted to share love of the YSL volupté sheer lipstick, mine is in shade 19 Fuscia in Rage, I bought it after Lisa Eldridge's tutorial on bright pink lipsn and wear it all week round! That color... and that scent... and that packaging... it's really to die for and worth every Euro.

  8. Anonymous15.7.13

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  9. The idea of Travalo is great, but after buying a leaking one and losing quite an amount of my favourite fragrance I'm afraid trying to use it again..