KRYOLAN Lip N' Cheek

by 3.6.13

Hi Sweets,

KRYOLAN came out with a product which can be used for the lips and cheeks! I personally love multi-purpose products because it saves a lot of space in your make up bag and for travelers like me, also some weight as well. I've swatched two colors for you. To fit my personal taste, I've mixed both colors together to get the perfect shade of lip and cheeks.

These lip and cheek creams are water resistant and have a sheer finish which can be buildable. When applied it looks dewy, but sets to a matte finish.

On you can find all the shades and stores where to buy the Lip N' Cheek creams.

Poppy, Lilly and both of them mixed.
The eyeliner that I am wearing is KRYOLAN Eggplant eyeshadow.

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  1. Anonymous3.6.13

    I can't wait for test this. I love matt finish. Lilly is such a beautiful color. ♥

  2. simple, nude but beautiful! :)

  3. Omg love this combination! I will definitely check these products next time in Kryolan <3

  4. Those colors look pretty! I'm totally loving colors like this at the moment so I will definitely take a look :)

  5. I also love multi-purpose producs :) "poppy" is a beautiful color...
    Do you know where I can just order\buy their producs on the internet?

  6. Very natural, i LOVE it !

  7. Anonymous5.6.13

    Me too I love multipurpose products! but unfortunately all I could get was a blush on Almay cream is very good I recommend it! Almay is an excellent brand too,

  8. aww I think the names are too cute :) haha and I completely loved the shades! If your lips are painted with those, then it is very matt and I LOVED it! gonna buy them :)

  9. Anonymous5.8.13

    Pretty colours!