Nivea Body Soft Soufflé (for dry skin)

by 23.2.14

For a while now, I have been really strict with lathering on the body lotion, oils and now soufflés. It used to be a step which I always skipped after the bathing, but now I must say that I can't go without moisturizing my whole body, and not just my face.

Besides Balea, I am a big Nivea fan. I managed to empty the 400 ml bodylotion version of this soufflé (soft lotion). It will be featured in another Beauty Bin.

This soufflé (300 ml) has a lighter texture and is slightly more oily than the lotion and I must say that I prefer this one. It is also nicer to take with on travel. It has a more luxurious feeling when applying this to the skin. It doesn't leave the skin feeling sticky, nor does it put a weird film on your skin. 

My must have for glowy skin!

What are your favorite body lotions/oils/soufflé?

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  1. Precious cream by L'Occitane is just an amazing facial moisturiser; my skin always feel lovely after using it and it smells gorgeous. Also Vanities by Penhaligon's is the best hand cream in the world x

  2. Ik gebruik graag producten van Dove of ook Nivea :-)

  3. My skin is really dry, the only one that has worked for me is a body lotion by Stiefel called Uremol.
    It has no smell at all, but I like it anyway.

    I like to use oils too, L'Occitane has some good ones ;) I must say I'm fan of vanilla smell *-*

  4. Last year I had a very serious problem on my face, it was so damn dry that little drops of blood started to run down, of course I went to the dermatologist to see what he could do at the time, none of the creams that he had recommended worked for me, but Nivea has a good texture and does not make my skin feel like I have put some oil on it, has a good scent either and it is cheaper than those creams you need to buy from a specific in a lab. Body works as well as the face creams, but Johnson's Baby is the perfect formula for me, my skin is too sensitive, I barely can use make up or anything else.

  5. This sounds really good, I have to try this one. I'm also lazy when it comes to applying body lotion. Mostly because I don't like the sticky feeling you describe. But when this soufflé is not sticky, I will give it a try. Thanks for recommending :) Romy

  6. My favourite is nivea too, but it is the "angel star" body lotion...
    But this sound quite good, so after I use all of my body lotions and soufflés I think I will try this one...:D

  7. Anonymous24.2.14

    I always use "Skin energy night cream" by Oriflame is cream is like magic it leaves my skin so soft, it have vitamin C. i have a serious trouble the sun is so agressive with my skin so i can't use some creams because they are so strong and my skin begins to turn, red but its one is softer and beneficial. I love Nivea sun protec it's so powerful and delicate with my skin, i put it on my whole body, and not just in my face.

    Greetings <3 Love youu. :3

  8. Ich mag am Liebsten die "Wolfühlbodylotion" von Balea, sowie das Softöl Balsam. Früher habe ich Bodylotions von Garnier benutzt, mittlerweile verträgt meine Haut die von Balea einfach besser :)
    <3 Michelle

  9. For moisturizing I only use products without paraffin (waxes), silicones and other 'petrochemical' ingredients. When applying such products, my skin will turn into dust and I will have to apply those lotions/cremes more than once a day. I highly recommend products containing (only) natural ingredients, it may be not as convenient as the NIVEA etc. products, but since I am afraid, the skin really absorbs cremes/lotions and so I just do not like the thought of paraffines/silicones/chemicals being absorbed into my skin/my body.
    Lately I have been using alverde Körpermilch Kakaobutter/Hibiskus for dry skin. The scent is really decent and nice and it leaves the skin soft and smooth.

  10. I like Nivea but still haven't tried this. I love Victoria's Secrect Body Butter. Right now I'm loving the Citurs Dream. Smells amazing and it's definitely the best for my skin,out of all the others I've tried. It doesn't get sticky,my skins absorbs it all in minutes and gets all smooth and soft. Will look for this Nivea soufflé here though,definitely want to give it a try :)

  11. I always go for organic, animal cruelty free and natural bodycare products. My fave body BUTTER is from Sealine (original cosmetics). My new fave thing now is hand cream from Dr. Hauschka. It feels and smells great on the skin! (i have a very dry one) I will also try to make my own skincare products in the future! New DIY thing, cheap and natural! :)

  12. Coconut oil, heated to liquid, then applied with a paper towel (because once it hardens, it's impossible to get out of cloth you plan to use again). That is my go-to for dry, cracky skin. Otherwise I use regular body oil.

  13. Need to find this one, since I am a Nivea fan too (never seen that soufflé one around here in Portugal). Besides Nivea, I usually love body lotions that contains argan or karité butter, I have a very dry skin, so they work wonders for me. Also, lately, I have been trying Lush products. And, last but not least,I am liking to use a portuguese brand called Barral (it began in 1835 and still on the market).

    Kissy kiss

  14. I love Baleas Cream Oil Bodylotion or the venus Bodycream from douglas, they help me with my ever-itching psoriasis-skin very well.

  15. I always use lotions instead of body milk for example.
    Body milks are thick and sticky and I have a high body temperature so get it easily warm.
    Leaving in the tropics (Suriname) also doesn't help.

    Body lotions are light and you don't feel like having a thick, warm protective shield around you.
    I use Nivea or Dove body lotions myself for after showering.

    I do however do this when I have to go out the door. When I have no intentions of leaving the house I prefer not to use any body care products. hmmm.. maybe I should.

    Am I the only guy reading/replying here? :p lol

  16. Go cruelty free try out Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula. Its smell is amazing and it soaks pretty well without oily feeling. Also you know the Body Shop's body lotions are amazing too and animal friendly! :)

  17. I use the strawberry body butter from the Body Shop along with the same soapless shower gel, my skin loves it!! :)