Sao Paulo Cheeks

by 13.5.14

One of the german drugstore brands that has be most beautiful limited edition blushes is Essence. My favorite german drugstore blush is from the 'Twilight' limited edition and it is called 'Renesmee Red'. It is for me the perfect snow white red. The quality is amazing and the color super pigmented. This will last you a long time. Unfortunately it was limited edition and cannot be purchased.

During my latest visit to DM, Essence's new limited edition caught my eye. The colors of Brazil, fun and bright. There are two blushes in this LE, one is purple (not in my alley), the other looked familiar and ended up in my basket. At home I checked if it could be a dupe to Renesmee Red and it is a close one.

Price: €2,49 

Next to each other they don't look similar, but when swatched they do.
Left: Renesmee Red; Right: Destination Sao Paulo

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  2. I live in Brasil and I loved this São Paulo blush!

  3. Renesmee Red is a beautiful color, i'm not that white as you but i like it very much! .. i think "brasil"blush is almost the same xd so you got lucky ! :3

  4. I like when I see things related to my city, I love São Paulo! And this blush is beautiful, a pity that I can't find colors that fits my skin =(

  5. Sao Paulo cheeks... Yaaaay! ;)