Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

by 1.6.14

Meet one of my pregnancy cravings that has stayed with me: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.
I know it is not for everybody. Some people don't want their ice cream to taste like tooth past, but I love it!

It is hard to find at super markets and my local ice cream shop doesn't always have this in their selection.

At Breuninger in Sindelfingen, the local 'Gelateria' has an 'After Eight' ice cream flavor and I gobbled that up more than you can imagine.

After a while it was getting really expensive to buy and I was in the mood for trying to get my fix, by my own. Kinda. I bought stracciatella ice cream and peppermint syrup. I melted the ice cream and added the peppermint syrup and froze it back up. I made it cave man style. 

It was nasty. Too sweet and just nasty.

Thanks to Laura Vitale recipe and the ice cream maker (Mia) from my friend, I could make it from scratch.

I used Peppermint oil, it is much stronger than peppermint extract, so I took only a couple of drops and always tasted after I've added more. This way you don't turn it into tooth paste ice cream. Besides that I didn't add the food coloring. The rest is all the same as Laura's.

It was divine! So proud of my first ice cream! (Forget about that cave man incident)

Do any of you love mint ice cream?

Laura in the Kitchen (she used a Cuisinarte ice maker, don't know which version)

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  1. Hi Simone. I'm Heloisa, from Brazil, and I liked your site. Is very interesting, it show us a singer, like a normal woman and now mother ... Congragulations and hapiness!

    Brazil love you !

  2. mmm I like that mix of flavor :D I don´t think tatste like thooth paste jeje

    xo from Costa Rica

  3. Anonymous1.6.14

    prefiro barra de chocolate com menta.mas o sorvete é indica em dias de calor intenso =] principalmene aquino Brasil.

  4. Anonymous1.6.14

    prefiro barra de chocolate com menta.mas o sorvete é indicado em dias de calor intenso =] principalmente aqui no Brasil=]

  5. Jessie1.6.14

    ich liebe schon seit ich 10 Jahre alt bin After Eight und noch viel besser ist After Eight oder allgemein alles was mit Pfefferminze gemacht wird...vorallem Eis <3
    schön zu lesen das du es auch magst, gibt nur wenige Menschen :-)

    Liebe Grüße,
    wir sehen uns im November in Luxemburg

    ~ Jessie

  6. Loooooove it! One of my faves. Those photos are delightful ;)

    Ira xx

  7. Das Café La Fenice in der Stuttgarter Königsbau Passage hatte früher (ich weiß nicht, ob es den immer noch gibt) auch einen super leckeren After Eight Eisbecher, der wirklich himmlich geschmeckt hat! Ich bin da auch ein absoluter Fan von.

  8. Mint ice cream is the best of all, period.
    Has always been my favourite, will always be my favourite :)
    It's just so sad that you can't buy it in a normal supermarket (anymore). I remember times when Aldi had an apple-peppermind-ish ice cream in a 1 liter pot, it was soo delicious! I'm so sad they don't have it anymore.. oh well.

  9. hello Simone, i love the mint in ice cream its one of my favorites flavors, here in my country chile, in the south they made artesanal ice cream and the mint flavor its perfect and very delicius, you have to come to chile and visit the south its very beatiful and the food too.

  10. Hey Simone!

    Im a professional pastry chef and that recipe really seems like a good one. Would like to give you a little tip if you make ice cream often, about the final stage of making the custard when you cook it the kettle: if you use a digital thermometer you dont have to worry about the custard getting over or undercooked. Just hold the meter almost touching the base of the kettle/pan while stirring and when it reaches 84 degrees the ice cream is done! It means the egg yolk is cooked! You can use this method when ever cooking egg yolk, boiling sugar syrups and so on...
    If you get inspired more in baking/doing desserts youll see that a thermometer is one of pastry chefs best friends =)

  11. Oh and I remeber you said that you love pistachio. You can also make pistachio ice cream by roasting the nuts slightly in an oven, then blending them with the ice cream custard. It wont have that artificial strong taste as when you buy pistachio ice cream, but a real taste of the actual nut..

  12. I love Laura Vitale, I watch every new video she makes. And since I also love mint ice cream, I wanted to make it at home. So I thought: what makes the ice cream so mint and what makes it so green? Mint! So what I do is that I mash the mint leaves in a food processor with sugar and add this paste to the ice cream base. It works well for me.

  13. Thank you Karoliina for the tips! Will try it next time.



  14. Youre welcome! Just have to say that adding pistachio may change the texture of the ice cream as it adds more fat in to it, but once you try you'll know.
    Im just learning to use my ice cream machine at home, its different than using the one at work which freezes the ice cream in 6-10 minutes and this way makes a smoother texture. If I come up with great recipes I can share since Ive saved soooo much time and money by following your spot on make up tips =)

  15. Anonymous3.6.14

    I love mint ice cream! It is indeed, my favourite ice cream flavour.

  16. I also always watch Laura Vitale videos :)
    But you seem to be a lot more successful than me in the kitchen. haha

  17. Hi, Simone!
    I used to like mint chocolate ice cream but then I got sick of the toothpaste flavor. This year my craving is back though... ;)
    Here in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I love Ofner's mint chocolate chip ice cream, I think it's the best!

  18. Oh, it looks so delicious! But I don't like mint sweets at all, haha... For me it's like eating your tooth paste instead of washing your teeth with it. :) But I've also tried home made ice cream recently, it was so simple: I took some frozen bananas and strawberries, put them into the mixer, added some honey and greek yogurt and mixed them together. It was sooo delicious and there was no ice cream maker needed. You must give it a try! Best wishes from Hungary!

  19. I love that kind of ice cream!! In the US you can find it in so many stores. Sorry it is hard to find it in Germany but at least you have an alternative :D

  20. The one and only alternative that saving the toothpaste being eaten by me and my stomach suffers.
    And it looks so lovely in the cups! Yummy! <(^w^)>

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