One Mojito Please!

by 4.6.14

After all those food posts, you must be thinking that this is also about food, but you're wrong :) Sally Hansen has a new Limited Edition 'Designer Collection' by Tracy Reeds in stores. 

One of my favorite colors has to be 'Mojito'. I love the drink, I love the color. I would describe it as a pastel green with a hint of neon. Sometimes it even looks a bit minty. It just screams summer and is a nice, fresh pop of color for on the nails. The brush is nice and rounded, the consistency is creamy and it has a glossy finish. The quality is amazing and I love the fact that is a 7 in 1 complete salon manicure. 

The 7 in 1 contains:
  • Base coat
  • Strengthener
  • Growth Treatment
  • Color
  • Chip Resistant
  • Top Coat
  • Gel Shine

I did also apply a top coat, just because that is my thing and it evens out my horrible application technique. 

The bottle contains 14,7ml and costs €8,99

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  1. I like You wearing wedding ring! I appreciate it, especially because more and more people stop wearing them, I can't understand why :)

  2. Tolle Farbe! Bin eh grad auf der Suche nach einem Mintgrünen Nagellack. Die Farbe ist echt toll!
    Danke für den Tipp! :-)

  3. Andrea4.6.14

    Gorgeous color for the summer.. and very beautiful nails :)

  4. Oewwww, dat kleurtje is gaaf!!!!

  5. Oh, that color matches perfect to your hair color, I Think :)
    Monday, I also bought my first Nail Polish from Sally Hansen, called "Ruby Do", and "Shall We Dance", which was for free.
    I'm really excited of vanishing my nails with it, because of the quality and the color, of course.
    Apart from that, I'm a great fan of essie Nail Polishes :D

    I really like your Blog, because you're not writing only about your music, your band or something like that, but also about your private life, food and beauty :)

  6. That is the only light shade that matches fair skin. A pretty alternative for me who was never able to wear light pink, white, beige, lilac etc etc. In the winter I match it with black nail polish, it looks so pretty.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. As a light-green-nail-polish-lover/collector, I find this shade amazing. Yet a bit pricey.

  9. Saw it at the mall here in Mexico and here it was called 'Jade' instead of 'Mojito'.

  10. This color suits you, Simone, and I must say, it looks amazing on your nails. I hope to see more posts about beauty and cosmetics, because I love the way you write about them.

    Greetings from Poland (totally hot day, I must say), I hope you and your wonderful family are good.
    Hope to see you in Wrocław some day!

  11. The color looks beautiful among your red hair :) Very nice.

  12. I like it, and this brand is pretty awesome, is one of my favorites