Luscious Cherry

by 4.7.14

After posting a Black Cherry Instagram picture, a lot of people were interested in the lipstick that I wore, so here it is: Yves Saint Laurent Volupte sheer candy in '6 Luscious Cherry'. My absolute favorite high end tinted lip balms out on the market. Last two summers I wore 10 'Tangy Manderine'.

I love the feeling, the color, the smell. They are really hydrating and feel very luxurious.
You can build up the intensity by putting on another layer.

I absolutely love these! So juicy!

Tip: If you are a fan of a more dewy foundation look, you can use these as creme blush as well.

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  1. beauty colour :)

  2. Hello Simone!
    This lipstick will you very well!
    Yesterday I saw you again your presentation page and amused me to read all these stories about you!
    I also saw that you removed smoon'sale. You will permanently delete?

  3. Anonymous6.7.14

    That's a really nice color, Simone! I think it fits well your skin tone =)
    I'd like to see some make ups inspired in some Disney classics. Perhaps Alice in Wonderland?

  4. That's really beautiful, summer color, reminds me of raspberries. Looks good on your lips. Would you be so kind to show us some make-ups inspired by movies? :)

  5. By the way, I love this little photo by Pauline Darley on the right. You look very beautiful! And previous one, also by Pauline, would be ideal for your blog header!

  6. I love this lipstick !
    I think I will buy it ^^