Two Beauty Bloggers

by 16.7.14

After playing with Vincent, all our make up, cooking and not cleaning,  Julia and I had a little photo shoot with the usual crazy pics included.

Julia and I will see each other again during the upcoming Epica show in Switzerland: Parabole Festival. Looking forward to it!

Enjoy the pictures!

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I'm secretly standing on my toes and Julia is bending down. We have a bit of a height difference.
Crazy faces mode ON.
Duck Face has to be, it just has.
Too bad it isn't focused. This is my favorite picture! Julia cracks me up!
Vincent sleeping soundly during our walk in the Manduca (I love the Manduca!)
Thanks to Julia for making the pictures!

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  1. Hi Simone !

    You're so beautiful together !
    Love the picture of you with Vincent ;)

  2. Nice friendship :)
    Love this pictures :)

  3. Anonymous16.7.14

    Terry Pratchett's Discworld! I love you even more now!

  4. Lovely pics!!! :)

  5. Anonymous16.7.14

    I love the color of your lips :)

  6. Pics just can't go wrong with crazy faces! these are the best memories to keep...
    Glad you both had fun! Julia is an amazing youtuber :)
    This is so cute to see how you carry little Vincent like his a package :P

  7. Anonymous16.7.14

    Dear Simone,will you ever show us a picture of your baby boy :( ? We all would love to see Vincent!

  8. Nice pics! I want to see the little Vinnie :3

  9. was surprise to me to know that you and Julia are friends ,since I am subscriber of yours and Julia, nice surprise that two of my favorite blogggers

  10. So cute Simone :)

  11. Looks like fun! Love the mom pics. With my daughter I used a Baby Bjorn baby carrier. I loved that thing!! It's nice being able to use your hands!

  12. Anonymous18.7.14

    I love her youtube channel! Is awesome when music unites with make-up :D

  13. Anonymous24.7.14

    Nice lip injections!

  14. Anonymous29.7.14

    We want to see little Vinnie! Pleeeeease!

  15. Anonymous29.7.14

    Please show us your pretty baby

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Even though we can't see the baby :( ... the last 2 pictures are sooo beautiful.