Epica in Lebanon

by 5.8.14

On the 2nd of August, Epica performed for the first time in Lebanon at the Byblos Festival.

We were all excited to finally arrive and enjoy our stay in Byblos. The traffic was so hectic that it took really long to get from the airport to the hotel. Some of us longed for a nice cold beer, I however needed a big meal! Luckily that wish came true. We were invited at the famous PePe restaurant and enjoyed delicious food. You could see the stage from the restaurant because it was very close.

After we were finished we took a picture with the owner. He was such a sweet heart! Time to sleep and dream about the show the next day.

We had time to do some sight seeing and hang out at the beach. We rented a boat and some of us swam in the sea. Such a perfect day!

The show was amazing. We had a two hour set and made a lot of people smile. The best was when our special chorus in 'The Phantom Agony' came by. The moment to go crazy disco metal!

Thanks for having us Byblos Festival! We had a great time! Our bellies too. ;)

Enjoy the pics!


Having a good time!
Water Horizon.
Ariel out on a boat.
I almost fell over board and my camera got pressed against my sun screened legs. Greasy pics as a result.
We passed by the stage. How amazing is the view we have!
Epica and our fans.

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  1. Anonymous5.8.14

    You guys rocked Byblos ! Even though we were not so many but it was the best show that Lebanese metal fans ever attended! Plus simone you never sang that good ! Thanks

  2. Anonymous5.8.14

    Beautiful photos ! The concert was EPIC. We love you and hope to see you again.
    Thanks for the unforgettable moments !! <3

  3. Thank you so much for finally coming to Lebanon. We will never forget that amazing night till the rest of our lives! <3

  4. Joyce5.8.14

    U guys rocked the show it was amazing! Littelarly a dream come true! We love you it was the best concert of the festival! Hope to see u perform again!

  5. RITA ANBAR5.8.14

    Thank you so much for making my dream come true. i wish that day would be today again and tomorrow and everyday so i can enjoy watching you live. i listen to your songs 24/7 and i just can't get enough. please, think about coming back to Lebanon next year !

  6. you guys were amazing, Lebanon has entered history now that Epica preformed at it, i know we were a few, but still we are so happy you guys came, it's a dream came true, and please you need to come again next year, people are still talking about that amazing night, we want u to come again please, after your amazing preformence we realized that we need to see you guys live every year like you do in all the countries, please come again and thank you so much for the amazing concert, and Simone your voice is incredible, Love You Guys <3

  7. Please come back soon!!!

  8. Nour Sharif5.8.14

    YOU WERE ALL SOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME ! I loved it. We wanted to take pictures with you guys but the supervisors didn't let us :(

  9. This is the first time I really miss a band after watching them live! You guys truly rocked it! Even though the crowd was kind of small, but It was even better and more alive than at the Guns N' Roses show last year! And hey Simone, I have the setlist you gave away! :D

  10. Best music of all time really addictive.best band best personality and best performance.we already miss you waitin for another concert

  11. Anonymous5.8.14

    Thank you Epica for this amazing show at Byblos Festival - Lebanon !! Simone you were simply awesomeeee you gave us a performance from your heart though the crowd wasn't big. We danced and sang along with you like it's the last day of our lives. We enjoyed the concert very much and we hope you enjoyed our beautiful country (apparently you did). Byblos is one of the most beautiful places in Lebanon but you should have toured other places and Lebanon is not big it can be toured in 1 day, all the country :p !!

  12. Yeah finally could watch Epica, live.. before I return to Indonesia. You guys were too much ohsome!

  13. A great opportunity!
    I love to see your pictures and be able to follow u, even from here.

  14. Wow. I see that you guys really had fun!
    Epica is rocking the whole world :)

  15. I love your dress! The cut is just perfect. Exactly what I've been looking for. Were did you get it? Do you know if it's available in different colors? As always, your blog is lovely and inspiring =)

    1. The dress is from Zara and at least 7 years old :)

    2. Anonymous5.8.14

      Of all the comments, I did not expect you reply to this one :)

  16. Truly epic!!! Thx a million for finally performing in Lebanon :) that was one hell of a show! U made my year ... thx again, plz come back soon

  17. Anonymous5.8.14

    Love the pictures! You took some lovely photos, the place is a paradise. I want to return to Argentina with Epica. Your Argentine fans love them a lot, don't forget us.

  18. Ahhh I heard it was amazing! I missed the show back home coz i am in London! But for my LUCK, EPICA is in London for my BIRTHDAY! December 6 I will be waiting!! <3 <3

  19. I really love your scarf !!! *.*
    Were did you buy it? ;)

    Your pictures are so beautiful !
    And yes, you really look like Ariel on this boat :p