Killesberg Park

by 28.8.15

Stuttgart is a wonderful city. I recently had my parents over from the Netherlands and we were exploring the surroundings a bit. One of our many favorite places in Stuttgart is Killesberg Park. We took the little railway train, had some drinks and ate ice cream. We enjoyed our stay very much. The weather was amazing and that plays a big part.

Here are some pictures shot by Oliver with my Canon 700D with the 40mm f2.8 lens. It is a great camera which I have grown very fond of. The lens is amazing too. My Nikon D300s I don't use that often anymore because it is too heavy for on the go. For studio shoots it still is amazing.

My question to all the camera lovers out there:

Could you recommend me a camera and a lens that would be a good upgrade from the Canon 700D, but still is kind of light weight? I have been researching the 70D and the 24-70f 2.8 mm lens. They seem like good candidates to take it to the next level.

I find the flip screen really useful for the family and self portraits. Built in WiFi is also great. The 7D doesn't have that. The 5D Mark III is very expensive, but if I were to sell both my Canon and Nikon including the Nikon lenses which are the 18-200mm and the 50mm f1.8, it would be no problem. The Canon 6D has built in WiFi, is full frame and still quite light weight. That could be the one.


What I want in a camera body:

  • Full Frame
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Flip screen if no built in WiFi
  • Light weight
  • Price range €1000 - €1500
A website I like to browse is: but I still want to know the customer point of view.

Please let me know your experiences and expertise! Looking forward to reading the comments and thank you so much for helping me out!


Dress: Vero Moda Swing Dress Size XS (they have a large fit)
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