2 Years of Cuteness

by 6.10.15

My baby is now a 2-year-old boy. I'm going to sound like an old lady now but, boy did the time fly by! Sometimes I swear that he grew tall over night. They really do. 

Everybody tells you that they grow up so fast and you know they are all right. Oliver jokes around saying that Vincent is half my size. It is truly incredible. 

Such a sweet, bright, happy and funny guy. He loves tractors and chocolate. The chocolate part he gets from me, the tractor I don't know. Oliver prefers pianos, but we both started to appreciate tractors. I think our next car has to be a tractor, even if it would mean that we would never reach the Netherlands on the same day. Tractors will definitely handle my suitcases which are chronically overweight. 

The baking went smooth. The non-bake chocolate pie was not that great. I failed twice resulting in me waking up on the 2nd of October at 4 am to find that my non-bake chocolate pie was still a pudding. I checked for all the ingredients in my house and make some easy chocolate cakes. They were for Vincent to treat his friends. It had to be chocolate because that is his favorite. None of the kids had allergies for dairy and such, so it was a success. I checked beforehand if there were any children that had allergies. 

The pie for the party of the grown ups was a huge success! I made a marzipan cherry pie. It was divine and super delicious. I will make this very soon for Oliver because we are true marzipan fans.

My savior in many baking occasions has to be Sally. I've baked a lot of her recipes and love her and Murat's Schwaebisches Geschwaetz. They also have a webshop with excellent service. I've ordered there before and the shipping and handling was fantastic.

The chocolate muffins/cakes were also from Sally, I added some extra chocolate pieces to fit Vincent's 'Locolat' wish.

Thank you Sally for your wonderful recipes and dedication! I wish you a wonderful birth of your second daughter, Ela. 

If you are interested and have some time to spare, please read my hypo birthing article: Beautiful Birth

Happy Birth(d)Hay ;)

💋 Simone

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