BACK 2 MAC - Sushi Kiss

by 23.10.15

Here comes a fun tip for you, especially the Mac Cosmetics lovers out there!

Let me tell you about the Back to Mac Program.

Don't throw away the primary packing of your loved beauty products. If you collect six of them, you get a free lipstick! You can choose a color out of the normal lipstick range. That excludes the Sheen Supreme, the VIVA MAC Lipsticks and the Mineralize Rich Lipsticks. Just keep in mind that they have the black and silver bullet. In the US they also sometimes give you a lipgloss or an eyeshadow.

For my latest Back to Mac, I chose Sushi Kiss (satin finish). It is a muted neon peachy coral. It has a hint of salmon, hence the name 'Sushi Kiss'. It is super opaque and very creamy. This color and in particular it's finish can emphasize those dry patches. So I recommend that you give your lips a good scrub and apply a hydrating lip balm before putting on this lipstick.

Sushi Kiss was released before in a LE called 'All about Orange'. I never got my hands on any of the colors, and you know I love me some orange! Sushi Kiss is now a part of their permanent range.

So now you know, don't throw away the primary packing of your Mac products. If you look inside the paper wrapping, it should say, "Back 2 MAC". Then you know that your product is worth not throwing in the waste bin.

💋 Simone

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