by 1.1.16

Thank you all for an amazing roller coaster ride last year! It has been a great year that carried an important message:

We should enjoy every day of our lives and start fresh every day, not just on the 1st of January.

Family and friends are the most precious gifts in life, but health is also of great importance. We shouldn't neglect our physical and mental stage and keep working for it every day to stay in shape. Healthy food (with a decent amount of Vitamin C(hocolate) and exercising are vital aspects of a long and healthy life.

I am very thankful that my Dad and Linda are doing better. Their health problems have been on my mind a lot since last year. The tragedies that have been going on all over the world put a cloud on my mind. I am glad that I am working in a field that unites people and gives each other strength. The attacks in the Bataclan are in no way more tragic than any other innocent lives that have died by acts of terror. It did however, hit us in a way because we have played there in the past. Paris is one of my favorite cities, but I love each fan equally as much. Every life is sacred.

Enjoy the time that we have been given. It all goes by so fast!

Epica VII will be there before you know it! A good reason for time to fly by. ;)


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