Chit Chat #10 Burning Armpits and Blizzards

by 24.1.16

The North American Enigma Tour has kicked off successfully. It feels good to finish what we started a while back. Our fans have been so patient and loyal. It absolutely heartwarming!

Moonspell and Starkill are joining us on this run. It is great to hear Moonspell play every day – I become nostalgic when I hear their melodies, especially Full Moon Madness.

The temperatures are a bit below what we prefer, but we're dressed to stay warm. I am sleeping with my hoodie on. Yes, I am that kind of freeze ball.

In New York I got to meet a sweet pastry chef that I have already written about on SmoonStyle before. It is Raíza Costa from Dulce Delight. I invited her to come to the show and have dinner. She said yes! We went to the Mercer Kitchen and it was delicious! I had such a great time with her. I love her sparkling personality. Find more fantastic food for the eyes and soul on Dulce Delight.

So far we played in New York (just before the blizzard arrived), Toronto, and Québec. Yesterday, I had to shave my armpits shortly before the show in case I had to take my jacket of. I didn't want to pull a Julia Roberts. I made the mistake of doing it 'dry' and had fiery armpits through the show. I can still feel them burning now... not that good. I don't recommend that.

That is all for now folks! We are enjoying a day off before heading to Cleveland and are planning to go to the cinema all together, but then to different movies. The Revenant and Star Wars. Whoop whoop!

I have a throat pastille in my mouth, not a piercing. ;)

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