Celine - Pretty -

by 10.5.16

Celine is a coveted brand by many fashion lovers. I've tried the original Audrey to then find out that they are way too big for my face. Baby Audrey fits better and looks just the part. 

I would wear my sunglasses at night, if I wouldn't be so night blind. They have always been my favorite accessory and a much needed protection for my sensitive eyes. I don't wear ear rings, wrist bands, hats or piercings. I dress up an outfit with sunglasses whenever I can. 

These shades that I am about to show you are a new frame called 'Pretty'. They are a great mix between stylish and cool. The cat eye combined with a metal bridge. They are bit on the heavy side, so if you are very sensitive, then you might first want to try them on. I recommend them for special occasions, not for sports or long days at Disneyland ;) 

I got mine from smartbuyglasses


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