Marc Jacobs 'The Dreamer'

by 9.5.16

It has been a while since I splurged big time on a high end make up product. Ever since I got to know Zoeva, I didn't feel the need to spend big bucks on eyeshadow palettes.
That was until I saw the palettes at Sephora and one of my friends, who is also a make up artist, told me that the Marc Jacobs palettes are amazing and worth the money.

So, I caved in and got 212 'The Dreamer' during the VIB sale. Like that I saved some coins.
The colors each are a dream and a great match with my colors and needs. I love warm toned colors. They suit me best and make my blue eyes pop almost out of my eye socket ;)

You get 7 colors which are all together 7 grams. That is not that much. 
Pigmentation is good, the mattes are a little weak compared to the shimmers.
The packaging is so lovely! It is sleek and elegant. Right up my alley! It won't take much room in your make up bag. You also get a small pouch to protect the cased from scratches. I alway toss those, because I am a lazy bum. Too much of a hassle for me, but great for those that want their precious make up to stay in tact.

I created a summery gold look and didn't go crazy because I had to run out the door to run some errands later that day. Oliver complimented me that he liked the look, so it was approved by the husband. Always a good thing ;)

Price tag: $59

Conclusion: If you are a sucker for packaging and high end brands, this is a nice treat. There are better palettes out there that cost one third, but the packaging is very simple. 



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