BTS New York Photoshoot

by 14.10.17

The last day of the North American tour was extra special because I've started a project where I am doing photoshoots along with a make up of your personal preference (natural, evening, or stage make up).

This is also open for guys and I promise that I will apply minimal make up. Just the bare minimum to reduce shine and add a little bit of pink lipgloss. Of course I am joking about the lipgloss.

My plan is to do only a couple of photoshoots during a tour. The session in New York was my first and I couldn't have done it without the help of Laurali, Catherine, and Jeremy. I was so spoiled to have a team of lovely people to help me organize this special event and even keep me caffeinated. A big thank you to you three troopers! I wish it could always be like this. ;)

Lucy was my model in New York. We've spend more time together than originally planned. There you go, time management is not my strongest suit. When I am having a good time, I can literally forget about time.

She requested a stage make up look for this session. I loved how it turned out! She looked absolutely stunning. The idea to do shoots on tour was born during the North American tour. My tools were limited, but I made it work. For future shoots I can prepare a make up kit in advance of the tour.

Already looking forward for the next shoot. Where will it be? Let me know in the comments in which cities you would like me to organize more events like this.

Thank you Lucy, Jeremy, Catherine, and Laurali! You guys rock!

BTS pictures: Jeremy Saffer kindly offered to do this. Thank you again!
Edits by me.

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  1. It sounds that you had a terrific time in New York!!! Lucy was soooo lucky!!! 😊 I wish I was there too!!! I'm also looking forward for your next shoot!
    Well, I live in the small island of Cyprus so I think it would be a bit difficult to organise events here. 😖
    Lots of kisses... xxxx Take care...

  2. Would love to collaborate with you one day Simone! Maybe one day when you your NA again! 💋

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  4. Hello Simone, I loved your idea. I am very anxious to see this event here in Brazil, of course I would like it to be in the city of Fortaleza. I hope your project grows more and more. Kisses from Brazil.

  5. Good morning Simone. I hope you are well? It's really great that you could have started your photographic project. I hope it will evolve more and more. Did you use what model of camera?

    I hope with all my heart that you can do a photo shoot during the European tour. Do you think it would be possible to do a photo shoot in Lille? Lille is a beautiful city with beautiful corners. It is a beautiful city to visit. If you need a tour guide?

    I wish you a good weekend. See you soon.

  6. Hello Simone! I am going to your show in Berlin but I live in Stuttgart so I would be so happy if you organize the photoshoot in one of these cities! Looking forward to the European tour;) Liber Grüsse, Philippine

  7. Anonymous15.10.17

    Hi Simone. Hope you are doing well.
    Great to hear about this new project. It sounds like a great idea with so much fun involved. It will be my ultimate dream to have a session with you. I am still impatiently waiting for the Australian Principle tour. Whenever that is going to be, I'll be honored to have a session with you in Melbourne, Victoria.
    Hope to see you and the boys very soon and really wish a session could be arranged here.

    Take care angel.
    Thank you for this.

  8. Please!! Can u do it in Bogota, Colombia❤ It would be a dream😍 Love u

  9. In Bogotá when you come back, I hope it'll be soon ��

  10. Veronika15.10.17

    Hi, Simone!

    I have always dreamed of you doing my makeup. It's been on my mind for so long now. Good to see you making this happen. You're such a lovely talented lady and it makes me happy to see you doing what you love. As much as I hate being photographed I would love to do some shooting with you. Maybe you could change my mind with your amazing skills and help me see myself on pictures differently. I would die to be a part of this, at least behind the scenes watching (and admiring) you doing your magic. I'm coming over from Slovakia to see you guys in a little bit less than a month in Zlin, CZ. Maybe you could do some shooting there, would be nice ��

    Take care ��

  11. Hi Simone :). Maybe you could do some photoshoot in Krakow? This beautiful old town is an amazing space for photos:)... with a perfect makeup done by you ;). This colud be such a big pleasure to participate with you in this project. I tried to be a photographer but now I am more into being a makeup freak so I can imagine how exciting it is for you :).

  12. Hola Simone, me encanta tu nuevo proyecto, me gustaría que hubieras una sesión en México y que me pudieras maquillar, seria genial, te admiro mucho

  13. Please, do it in Milan!

  14. I love photography, currently own Nikon D810 and for portraits I use 35mm 1.8 and 50mm 1.8 for studio, 70-200 2.8 for outdoors ! Will be awesome to have this experience with you !

  15. What a dream it would be to have a photoshoot with you 😍 Please, make one in São Paulo ❤️