Stay Ultraviolet FOTD

by 10.10.17

A flawless base with a hint of bronzer and bold lips.


• Revlon Colorstay  '180 Sand Beige'
• Tarte Shape Tape Concealer  'Light Medium'
• Stila Convertible Color 'Camelia'
• Laura Mercier Translucent powder
• Becca  liquid highlighter 'Opal'


• MAC Strawberry Blond
• MAC Dirty Blond


• Laura Mercier Dune Bronzer (discontinued)

I've skipped mascara because I quite liked the look. Later that day I did start to feel a bit 'naked' without and applied some waterproof mascara.


• L'Oréal 701 'Stay Ultraviolet' long-wear lipliner. These are amazing!

Normally I try to avoid lipliners. I'm simply not a fan. They are too hard, too fragile, take too long to fill in the lips. You got me, I am lazy and need low maintenance products.

What I want is easy application and not a lot of fussing around with a sharpener or the tip constantly breaking off.

The new Infallible long-wear lipliners from L'Oréal are a dream! My favorite is 701 'Stay Ultraviolet'. My mom also loved the color. It is more of a brown red than violet. The name is not really describing the color. Don't be fooled by it. Absolutely stunning autumn shade.

How are you liking the 'no mascara look'?

Get the look here:

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  1. Hiii Simone! Amazing autumn makeup!!! :) I love the colour of the lipliner... It perfectly mutches with you skin tone. I like also the no maskara look! Both makeups are fabulous!!!
    Kisses... 😘😘

  2. I think this is the first post on your blog that I did not like ... I think the makeup proposal very clean, I miss your elaborate, chic and glamorous makeup with red lips and everything else ... but still you continue beautiful.xxxx

  3. Hello Simone! It is so unusual to see you without mascara, but it looks out so great too! Good job 👏🏻 I feel naked without mascara too but it is good sometimes to assume out natural beauty 😜 Liber Grüsse 😘

  4. Anonymous15.10.17

    The mascara :-(

  5. You look stunning, as usual, with or without mascara! Love the natural look! :-)

  6. I live this Look! Für mich ohne Mascara nicht denkbar, bin ich dennoch verliebt in deinen! Es steht dir ausgezeichnet und die Lipliner Farbe habe ich heute das erste mal auch getragen und bin so überzeugt! ❤️