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by 5.11.17

Don't you just love it when you wake up in the morning with puffy eyes?

Of course I am just joking.

This morning was really brutal. Deep asleep, probably dreaming of Brad Pitt (don't tell Oliver), Vincent woke me up. The reflection in the mirror was a showing exactly how I felt. My eye lids were swollen and heavy. Not a pretty sight.

My morning routine has changed a bit. Before, I would apply my Clinique 'All about Eyes' with my clean ring finger. Now I like to use the Under Eye Reviver from Real Techniques. The ball on top is so cool and refreshing. It doesn't roll. Like this the bacteria won't roll underneath. It's much more hygienic like this. You put bit of eye cream on the back of your hand and then roll the under eye reviver in it. After that you apply the cream. It is a real spa feeling and helps me to fight back those puffy eyes and look more awake and fresh.

What is your favorite eye cream?

My favorite eye cream: CLINIQUE 'All about Eyes'
The Real Techniques Under Eye Reviver is sold in the 'Prep and Prime set', which I love!

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  1. Hello Simone! 🤗 I hate puffy eyes too, especially when I didn't sleep very well at night or I had to get up very early in the morning! My favourite eye cream is Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream.

  2. Hello, Simone! My favorite eye cream is Hinode :) It's sooo good!

  3. Hi, Simone! I am not a fan of under-eye heavy creams - I am using two steps of my under-eye care: 1) After wake up I put korean hydrogel patches and wait 10 minutes. 2) Than I use also korean Aloe Vera gel - it's a very light gel and have a good moisture effect.
    As a metal singer, who travel a lot as you, I've recommened you too look at new stuff from Real Techniques - I bought 3 Pocket Expert Organizer, which helps me to storage my brushes when artist room isn't big. I am also use this, when I am in hotels. That organizer clings to mirrors and really save space around me, making it more compact and comfortable :)