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by 17.11.17

When it comes to handbags, I rather go for a nice small size that is just big enough for my phone, wallet and passport. I am not a medium kind of girl. When I want to have more with me than just the vital items, I go for a large size in which I can carry my whole life. Something a lot of women tend to do. The bigger the bag, the more we tend to take with us. Call me Marry Poppins. I even travel with my own light. ;)

Picard has been one of my favorite brands where you know the quality is good and the price is not too high. They have a huge selection of hand bags. One line that caught my eye was the shopper from the 'Miranda' line.

It comes in three sizes and five shades, of course I went for the biggest in black. Black will fit to almost everything. A big part of my wardrobe is black. I own all shades of black. Did I say that I like black?

I could fit my whole living room in there, if I wanted to. It is simple, yet sophisticated. The kind of bag I have been looking for a while now. You can wear it cross body because it has a shoulder strap. Because it has an angular shape, I can easily put it on top of my carry on suitcase.

Online Link: Miranda Shopper

What is your favorite brand of handbags?

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  1. Call me Marry Poppins too! ;) Simone you're the most beautiful ginger Woman I've ever seen!

  2. On your instagram account you share some vegan stuff (which is interesting because cleary you are not and of course sharing them does not mean that you might be vegan). I believe a role model to many people should not try to promote a real leather bag... Even though i dont know you personally, you somehow seen much more conscious about animal cruelty.

  3. A good Sustainable, slow fashion leather handbag is much more preferable for the environment than fast fashion fake leather that is incredibly contaminating and generates waste! Give Simone a break.

  4. Anonymous18.11.17


  5. I prefer large handbags as well 'cause I like to carry with me all the necessary things!!! Most women do that! 😁 I don't have a favourite brand but I would always buy a good quality handbag. (Most of them are black) 😊 Love your handbang Simone!!! It's beautiful 💗
    Kisses xxx