Bodaskins - Premium Classic Biker in Tartan

by 27.3.19

Black hardware, that was still missing in my collection of black leather jackets. So far, I only have them with silver hardware and even though I like them very much, the gun metal hardware just makes it all so much more elegant in my opinion.

I discovered Bodaskins on Instagram through a blogger colleague of mine, Tanja Cruz. She was rocking a beautiful leather jacket and I asked her where she got it and she kindly hooked me up. Thanks Tanja!

My size is M/L. It is a bit large, but like this I can wear it in winter with a nice warm sweater underneath.

Those two little red leather straps are an eye-catching detail.

Just checking if my butt is still there, yes it is!

I love the tartan linings. Such a beautiful detail!

Strike a pose

Thank you Bodaskins for my gorgeous new leather jacket*!

Available here:        BODASKINS

*PR Sample

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