Smoon Suit

by 21.3.19

      Photo by ©Simone Simons   Retouch by Lydia Tzirkova

Blazer - Zara
Blouse - Vila
Trousers - H&M

      Photo by ©Philipp von Rohr

Blazer - Zara
Blouse body - Asos
Trousers - Oasis
Shoes - London Rebel
Lipstick - 'I am Worth It' Rouge Signature L'Oréal

Blazers have always been a weakness of mine. You can dress up any outfit by wearing a blazer. It is a versatile basic in my closet and I have them in different colors and sizes. It is so flattering and makes you look super sophisticated.

For the Berlinale I wanted to wear a female smoking. I already had the perfect blazer and only had to search for a good blouse and trousers. Ok, also for shoes ;) Believe it or not, I do not own many shoes.

This long blazer is from Zara. It is already one year old, but I have seen a similar version at Mango which are in stores right now.

       Photo by ©Philipp von Rohr 

 The bearded gentleman on my side is Wulli Go check out his Instagram Profile ;)

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