Chit Chat #31 Cannes Part II

by 5.6.19

Sipping a glass of bubbly, keeping my head cool and kind of drunk haha!

Hello everyone!

My second travel to Nice didn't go as planned. The ones that follow me on Instagram know that my suitcase with the red carpet dresses, didn't arrive. I might have jinxed it myself by posting about the 'Dangerous Dress', no of course I don't believe that that was the reason.

Eurowings decided to leave my suitcase in Stuttgart. It would arrive the next day around 14.00, so they told me at the airport.
What do you do in a situation like that? Keep your head cool and start to look for solutions. I had a small carry on suitcase where I packed some essentials. At least some fresh underwear and a different top and also my beloved Bodaskins jacket. 

I called the girls from Zeitgestalten and they were kind enough to gift me some make up essentials along with some skin care and shampoo. The hotel had a tooth brush and tooth past. 

The next morning I took the time to do my make up and in the mean time I kept my fingers crossed that my suitcase would arrive at 14.00 and I could walk on the red carpet that evening. 

Val Garland did her magic once more and showed us how amazing the new Color Queen Oil eyeshadows are. They all blend beautifully with minimal fall out.

While were were waiting for lunch, I decided to call Eurowings again to ask them if they had any news about my suitcase. I received sms and emails about my suitcase, but it was different news than what the people that worked on the airport told me. The lady on the phone told me that it would be good to think about a Plan B in case my suitcase wouldn't arrive on time.

No time for dessert, time to go shopping. I had very little time to find a dress and a pair of shoes.
The first shop I entered had a black dress that appealed to me. The guy working at the shop also gave me some shoes and I liked the dress and said, let's do it! The dress was a tad bit too long for me and needed to be altered. 5 Minutes after I bought the dress, a tailor came to pick up the dress to shorten it a bit and then bring it to the hotel. What a relief! First dress was a winner.

Time to go back to the hotel to grab whatever I needed to get ready at the Martinez where we would get our hair and make up done.

 This lovely lady created a masterpiece with my hair. I find it always interesting to watch hair artists perform their techniques. I am not very talented when it comes to doing hair. I showed her some hair styles on Pinterest and let her do her thing. She was so sweet and very gentle. Love the end result!

The hair and make up took a bit longer than planned and time was running out. My armpits were still unshaved... I had to run up to the room, change my clothes, shave my armpits and spray on some deodorant.

I was so happy to find a gorgeous dress and shoes at such short notice. My suitcase arrived at the hotel around 8pm and that was after the walk down the red carpet. Some of my colleagues offered me to wear their dresses, which was very kind!

Time to hit the red carpet and strike a pose!

 After our red carpet appearance we had some free time to take more photos at the iconic Martinez.
It is incredibly convenient to have colleagues that know how to take a good photo and shoot 10 photos per second. It gives me anxiety to pick the ones that I like haha!

I really like this photo because there were many people photobombing during this photoshoot.

Feeling like a gothic cinderella
Thanks to deodorant I was able to do the 'Simone Pose'.
Waiting for Prince Charming to arrive....
There he is. I have no clue who he is, but we took a picture anyway. 

The next morning we were going to go on a boat trip and lunch at the Sainte Marguerite Island. Riding the waves and enjoying a special day at sea, trying not to fall over....

 Pretending I am not scared of falling off the boat...


Too big to fit in the photo.

A quick coffee break.

Respect, I would shit my pants doing this...

Nothing beats a good Aperol Spritz. Later on I had a cocktail called 'Pornstar Martini'. 

Too pretty to eat? Never hahah!

Ariel finally got her legs back and is going back to the shore to her Prince Oli.

We changed my flights so I could be home sooner with my two princes who I have missed dearly.
My two visits to Cannes with L'Oréal have been unforgettable and I am very thankful to have been invited to the Iconic Cannes Party.

Special thanks to Denise and Linn for being my saviors in the #missingsuitcase situation.

Hope you liked the photo post and see you soon!



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