Smells like Smoonstyle #11 Nivea Sun - Holiday in a bottle

by 29.5.19

There must be so many people out there that know the typical Nivea sunscreen scent and connect it to their holidays. You can now go on a holiday without packing your suitcase ;)

Nivea has a new perfume and it is no surprise that it is a huge hit. The original perfume is already residing in my make up corner since a while. When I saw that the new version is called Nivea Sun, I went online and ordered two bottles. Obsessed much? Yes! Sometimes you don't want one, because you know you are going to love it and will keep one in the bed room and handbag.

I trust Nivea blindly, because their scents are one of my all time favorites out there. I love a scent that smells like soap or in this case sunscreen. That sounds a bit weird, but I love to smell clean. Maybe because I have been on tour with smelly guys half of my life. No, haha! I am joking of course.

This time I decided not to juggle the eau de toilette on my shoulder, but place it high in the sky or in between my tropical looking plants. What do you guys think? Which photo represents holiday more for you?

You can order your 'holiday in a bottle' here: NIVEA SUN



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