Chit Chat #29 'Dangerous Dress'

by 10.5.19

What is the price you are willing to pay to wear beautiful garments that are ill-fitting? Some years ago, I would squeeze myself in uncomfortable corsets during Epica shows, but after my pregnancy, all I want to wear now are beautiful clothes, but most importantly, they have to be comfortable.
I am only willing to wear uncomfortable clothing for photo- and videoshoots. There is nothing more annoying than constantly having to pluck your clothes during a show, or even during a normal day. It is the same with high heels. I love the way they look, so I wear it on stage. Off stage, I rarely wear them anymore. Ok, back to the dangerous dress.

It is no secret that I adore sequins, glitters and anything shiny. It fits our ‘Holographic Principle’ theme really well. It could be that I was a magpie in my previous life...This dress, which is covered with beautiful symmetrical sequin lines is somehow uncomfortable in a way I never ever experienced before.

While searching online for a dress for the Cannes Film Festival, I found this gorgeous dress.  It was a size too big and also made for taller women than me. I am quite short for Dutch standards.

When I unwrapped it, I immediately fell in love and wanted to see how it would look like once I’ve put it on. The dress fitting soon resulted in a photoshoot in my studio. Let’s say I got a little bit carried away with taking photos. The dress was so inspiring that I wanted to try different poses, some in color and some in black and white. 

The dress looked stuning in the photos, and I was set on keeping it, but some houea later during the evening I started to experience some discomfort on both my lower arms. The pain was especially excruciating around my elbows. As soon as I lifted my sweater, I saw that my arms were completely red from several bloody cuts. It looked like I was attacked by a couple of hungry alley cats. The skin on the back part of the lower arms is particually sensitve. My mushroom cooking skills have tought me that a while back. I still have scars from when I burned myself with hot oil as I threw the mushrooms in the pan.... 

The pain was uncomfortable, because both of my arms were injured and for some reason my whole body was feeling weird.
Before I realized that my arms were bleeding, I thought I was coming down with a cold, because my whole body ached and I was feeling fatigued.
During the photoshoot I was so distracted, because I was in photoshoot mode, that I didn’t notice the dress was cutting me several times.

I knew that, no matter how much I loved the dress (even though it was too big), I would never wear it again. Can you imagine wearing this dress at a fancy dinner party and all of the sudden your arms are bleeding all over the dinner table? 

Fact at the end of this story is that I still love to wear beautiful dresses, just not the ones that try to kill me ;)

I would love to know your crazy clothing stories in the comments!



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