Chit Chat #30 'Cannes 2019 Part I'

by 28.5.19

My alarm went off at 4.00. Of course I was already awake long before that. I hate that feeling when you have an early flight and you are afraid of not hearing the alarm. You sleep super light and basically not at all haha!

Cannes is always a highlight I am looking very much forward to. The combination of movies, make up, France, good food and lovely colleagues always makes the Cannes Film Festival the place to be for me. Luckily I was invited by L'Oréal to be a part of it once more.

The view from my hotel room. I had to lie down and take a nap, because I was just too tired to enjoy the rest of the day. I needed to recharge my battery a bit. The sun was shining and my bed was soft. Honestly I suck at napping. My body is always rebelling against it, or maybe it is my mind? The excitement and thought of missing something always keeps me wide awake, but in a tired mode haha.

After my nap I went to check out the pool at our hotel. The two lovely Palme sisters were having a photoshoot at the pool and kindly offered to take some photos of me. If you look closely, you can see them in my sunglasses.

The jacket that I am wearing is from Muuba and the sweater from Christian Berg Woman (got it at Peek and Cloppenburg), trousers from H&M and sunglasses from Calvin Klein.

The pool was really cold and I found out the hard way. When I was entering the pool area, I didn't see that the entrance was a little shower area where filled with water you could wash your feet. I walked straight into it with my shoes..... Another mister Bean moment for me.. I blame it on the short night.

Enjoying some relaxing time. Katrin and Patrizia Palme and me were the first ones at the hotel. We had some time to enjoy the sun before the rest of the bloggers and journalists arrived. We had a lovely lunch at the hotel and after that some girls went to Cannes to walk along the Croisette and enjoy some snacks. Of course we had to pay a visit to the local Sephora. I almost got some eyeshadows, but I stayed strong and left the shop without any products.

Meet Johanna from Fashionstyle by Johanna. We share the same sense of humour and always have a good time whenever we meet at events. The dresses at the Croisette were really beautiful, but the price not so much. Luckily there is Instagram and we took a photo with the dresses. It was the cheaper solution.

We were presented all the new products that L'Oréal is launching at the moment. The new eyeshadow really are amazing. In total there are 36 colors, but what I heard is that there will be 24 colors in Germany.

Some of my favourite colors from the new Eyeshadow Color Queen Oil Shadows. They come in 3 different finishes; foil, matte and satin. Each finish has a different print on them.

Johanna already taking photos of some of my favourite products, the Glow Cherie series.

Glow Cherie Fluid

Val Garland was also there to create a look with all the new products. I love that she likes to experiment with colors, textures and uses products on other areas on the face. She doesn't look what it says on the tube, she creates and says there are no rules to make up. Have fun and go for it!

Time to walk the 'Worth it Stair's and take lots of photos and videos. Of course I cannot stay serious for too long. I always have to do something silly. The child in me never grew up. I am proud of that hahah!

All the yoga classes finally came to good use. See how flexible I am? ;)

 Slightly more serious pose.

After our lunch at the beach we went to the L'Oréal Villa. Philipp Verheyen (make up artist from Lena Meyer-Landrut) and Eren Bektas created gorgeous make up and hair and after that we got to enjoy the villa, drink too many cocktails and almost fall asleep with make up on.

This is before I had too many cocktails, and also unfortunately the only photo I took of my dress.

To be continued

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