by 22.6.20

How to not make this pleather jumpsuit look like an SM outfit.... That was really difficult. As soon as I was wearing the jumpsuit, the naughty side in me came out to play ;)
This is not the best outfit to wear in summer, since it doesn't have a build in air conditioner. You will be sweating buckets after half an hour. This is really just for special occasions and not something I would wear when going for a hike in the forest.

Jumpsuits aren't my most preferred outfits, but they make the whole decision process a whole lot shorter. I think we all have a closet filled with clothes and some days we just don't know what to wear :)
With a jumpsuit you have your top and trousers all in one. 

Now, all you need is to find a quick way how to take it off when you need to use the restroom. Why don't they make thin zippers between the legs?

You can get the jumpsuit here: Black Jumpsuit

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