Chit Chat #40 Spider Boy

by 29.6.20

Spider Boy to the rescue! 

Last week we had quite the adventure! After we brought my mom to the train station, we discovered that she had left her phone at our place. Out of all things that you can forget, the phone and passport are the worst if you ask me! We rushed back to our local train station to see if she might have stayed, but she was on her way to the main station in Stuttgart.

Nowadays we are so lost if we don't have our phone with us. We all know that it is not just a device to call  each other, but more like tiny computers that hold our entire life. I did what I thought was right, and jumped in the car with Vincent to drive to the Stuttgart Central station.

I called my dad and told him that we were on our way to Stuttgart and that in case she would call him from a phone booth he could let her know. 

Why is it always like this when you are really in a hurry that you take the wrong exit? Yes, that happened to me. Driving around in Stuttgart can be a nightmare and is very stressful. There were construction sites everywhere. I was starting to lose hope that we would reach her on time.  I knew when her next train would leave and that we only had a couple of minutes left. I saw that time was running out. Let's not forget the struggle to find a parking spot......

When I was close to give up, I decided to stay focused and keep a positive mindset. Spider Boy and me found a parking spot next to the taxis and ran as fast as we could to track number 10, where my mom was waiting for us. 

I hate jogging and am not the best runner, but my determination was stronger than my stamina ;)  
We made it 3 minutes before her train would depart!! We had to run back to our car, because our parking spot wasn't ideal and I didn't want to get a ticket.

The feeling afterwards that we made it was incredible! My mom was so relieved and I was glad that we didn't give up in the end. It really made my day.

In the end a positive mindset and will power can be the key to any achievement in life.

xo Simone and Spider Boy

Ps. I took the photo of Spider Boy while we were parked. Safety first! Don't text and drive.

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