All about BROWS

by 4.7.20

Why are brows so important? 

Brows are the frames of our face. They enhance your features and can completely change your whole look. 
When you make contact with someone you look them in the eyes, so the brows should also get a little extra love. 

As a redhead I have struggled to find the right products for my brows. My problem was that the products that are aimed for redheads are often too red toned. Anastasia Beverly Hills has a pomade for redheads, but it is too red and makes my brows stand out from the rest of my face. 

What works best for me are warm toned browns that are mostly aimed for blondes. Years ago (2013) I used an eyebrow pencil from Catrice, but that is discontinued unfortunately. I managed to get a couple pencils on Ebay and a lovely fan gifted me one. Catrice Brow Pencil
I started to search for new products that could replace my favourite eyebrow pencil. 

MAC COSMETICS launched more brow products a while ago and that was right at the moment where my last Catrice pencil was running out. These are the products that I have been using ever since and haven't found a better or more affordable alternative.

I start with the Strawberry Blonde Veluxe Brow liner (first photo of my face) and then I perfect the edges with the Fluid Brow Gel Creme in 'Dirty Blonde'. To lift my eyebrows and tame the unruly long eyebrow hairs the I have, I use a clear brow gel.  Some of my favourites are from Charlotte Tilbury, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay, L'Oréal Paris and many more. Soap brows are not for me. I can't get it right and it looks nowhere near what Nikki Wolf creates. I just use soap to wash my body and leave it at that for now. Maybe one day I will try it again, but for now they remain somewhere in the back of my make up drawer. 

Another great tool that you need to apply gel cremes are angled brushes. One of my favourite make up brushes because you can also use it for eyeliner as well. 

The best angled brushes that I use to apply the brow gel creme is are from Linda Hallberg Cosmetics #333 and Jacks Beauty Line #4. I also use these to apply my gel eyeliner to get a super sharp cat eye. 

What are your holy grail eyebrow products?

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