The Body Shop - Cucumber & Lemon - Summer Edition

by 20.7.20

Water infused with lemons, cucumber and a bit of fresh mint are my favourite drink to quench my thirst during these hot summer days. So refreshing!

The Body Shop now has two new yummy summer editions: Zesty Lemon and Cool Cucumber! They smell so good, you almost want to eat it! Better not do that ;) Promise me, ok?

The line carries their famous Body Butter, Body Scrub, Body Yoghurt, Shower Gel and hand creme (not in the photo, because it is in my handbag).

 My favourite is the Cool Cucumber, it has a little bit of menthol in it. Our bed room gets really hot during summer and I am always looking for ways to stay cool during the night. The Body Butter is a great new way for me and it smells divine too. Vincent also loves it.

The Body Shop is cruelty free and all products are vegan. What I also love about these products is that they used ingredients that might not look that pristine anymore for sale, but are great to use for ingredients and don't go to waste. The Zesty Lemon line is made from second choice lemons from Italy and organic almond milk from Spain. The Cool Cucumber line is made of second choice cucumbers from Europe and shea butter from Ghana. 

Body Butter €17,00
Body Yogurt €10,00
Body Scrub €18,00
Shower Gel €7,00
Hand creme €8,00

Did you try products from The Body Shop? I used their Moringa Body Butter and it lasted me a long time.  Another great products are the Banana Shampoo and Conditioner. Great for dry hair!

All lemon- and cucumber slices were used for my summer drink after the photoshoot was done. They didn't end up in the trash ;)

*Pr Samples

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