Bodensee 2020

by 1.9.20

This years mini Corona approved holiday was at my beloved Bodensee. We go there every year because it is so close to were we live and still in Germany. The Bodensee has a lot to offer and we never get tired of spending time there.

This year we were staying at the old city part of Lindau. The weather was lovely. Not too hot to still enjoy some sightseeing. If it gets too hot, I will shut down. I can not handle hot and humid weather. I turn into this grandma that can't move and just wants to sit in the shade to drink some lemonade (with alcohol). 

We visited the Skywalk in Algäu, the Schwabenkinder museum in Wolfegg, played mini golf and lost big time! I suck at playing mini golf. It was a lot of fun though. Oliver won the game because his concentration level exceeds mine and Vincent's together. He stayed focussed until the end. 

Our blood contained way too much cappuccino and ice cream, but who cares? When you are on a holiday, you don't count calories or cocktails ;)

Vincent got stung by a wasp, I almost peed my pants while walking in the air and we probably took a ghost with us from the Schwabenmuseum. 

It was an eventful holiday and of course I made a lot of pictures. Yesterday I finished my little photobook from Cheerz and I already can't wait for it arrive. 

Tomorrow my blog will turn 10 years old! Who is ready to celebrate with me???

This gorgeous statue from Wiedemann can be found at the Translation of Lindau. There are a lot of beautiful creations to be found. Too bad we don't have a garden.

Forget the catwalk, let's do the Skywalk! 

Oli making fun of me, while we are both afraid of heights..... He was braver than me though. I need a couple of minutes before I would walk on the rope of 'biggestfearforpeoplewhoareafraidofheights'. That is the official name ;) 

Smiling while being scared shitless.

The view was breathtaking. 

My brave little man! I seriously couldn't decide if I should turn around or just do it. After a couple of minutes, I told myself to just do it. All the way back I was cursing myself, why did I do this to myself. 
I was so happy to have my feet back on solid ground......

Lot's of boats....

I swear those golf balls are bewitched! Mine definitely were! They kept missing the hole haha!

Welcome inside the Schwabenkinder exposition at the Bauernhaus museum. 

We took a quick tour on a pedal boat before we drove back home in the rain. 

Bye bye Bodensee. See you next year!

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