Chit Chat #45 RIP Herzmädchen

by 28.9.20


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This is not a happy post I'm afraid. I find it kind of hard to find the right words. I tried to make a post earlier, but the time wasn't right.

A young mother of three boys has passed away two days ago. Her name is Tamara and she suffered from an incurable liver cancer. I have been following her from a distance since last year through Instagram. 

Her story has haunted me ever since. How can life be so unfair? A young mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister. We all knew that day X would come. She talked about her fate so openly on Instagram. I kept checking her profile to see if there was any news, and then I saw that her father posted that she passed away. Right on the day where we presented our new album to the press. I felt tears coming, but had to hold them back for the interviews. 

Tamara started an online campaign where she sold a beautiful necklace, with an even more beautiful meaning. It was made to raise awareness of how fragile life can be and how thankful we should be for every day that we are given. Never forget to love yourself, always keep on fighting and enjoy life no matter what happens. 

The proceeds went to the DKMS and to her family, her sons and husband. I bought two necklaces, one for myself and one for a friend who was battling cancer and who is now cancer free luckily.

The first photo in this post I made on the day that she died. I was traveling back to Germany and the rain drops on the window were lit by the lanterns on the street. They created this beautiful effect. Like little drops of light, just like all the stars in the sky. 

I wish Tamara's family and friends a lot of strength in this difficult time. My heart breaks for them. I am thankful for having contact with her and for her reminding me how precious life is.

RIP Tamara 

The beautiful 'Herzmädchen' necklace

More information about the DKMS and how you can become a donor or make a donation. 

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