Face of May #6 'Bad to the Bronze'

by 3.6.13

Hi Sweets,

Here is the last 'Face of May'. This look is not a typical spring summer look for me, but I wanted to wear a smokey eye that was suitable for the day time. As usual you can find the products that were used to create this look below.

  • Diorskin Forever foundation mix between 010 and 020
  • MAC studio finish concealer NW 20 and NC 20
  • Catrice eyebrow pencil 010
  • Maybelline Bad to the Bronze color tattoo
  • Urban Decay Naked and Buck in the crease
  • Kryolan ebony cream liner
  • Kryolan coral creme blush
  • Maybelline the Rocket mascara
  • Revlon mauve it over matte lipstick
  • Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream on top of the lips

For June I will create a couple of looks which are inspired by movies. You can let me know which looks you would be interested in. One thing I can tell you already, I will definitely do a 'Tim Burton' look.

Looking forward to read your suggestions!


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  1. A Hunger Games look would be so cool :)

  2. Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice! <3

  3. Yay, a Tim Burton look! Thehe, I'm really looking forward to that one! :) x

  4. Why don't you try with a classical movie look? For example Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz

  5. Simone, please do Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas one! I would love to see it. I know you did it already at a Halloween show with Epica but I would love to see it again! I could go on and on with Tim Burton looks that will look amazing on you! Sweeney Todd, Corpse Bride..anything Tim Burton related! These are my all-time favorite movies! Another one would be House of A Thousand Corpses! Simone + horror movies=AMAZING!

    Personally, I think you could pull off any look you achieve! You are so beautiful that anything will look AMAZING on you! I cannot wait to see what you come up with :) <3

  6. You look so nice :)

  7. Burlesque (the Christina Aguilera movie)?

  8. nice! lml :D...
    Alice in Wonderland look!

  9. Anonymous30.5.13

    I just love all the ''Faces of May''. Well I will let my suggestions:
    1 - Breakfast at Tiffany's
    Audrey Hepburn make up.

    Since Lisa Eldridge's made a makeup tutorial about this,you already have a base how to do (;

    2 - Marilyn Monroe


    This two videos are from the Lisa's channel. I love her! (;
    Have a fun create the looks Simone ♥

  10. Beautiful look for a day time ocasion =) I'm looking forward to seeing your June looks. I once made an inspired look by 'Mystique' from X-Men, it was so much fun! As for my suggestion, I would say 'The Black Swan' ;)
    Love you!!

  11. I loved this look :) I would love to see a Black Swan look or even Scarlett O'Hara's look in "Gone with the Wind" and of course I'd love to see any "Tim Burton" look: Sally, Emily, Lidia, Alice, Mrs. Lovett...

  12. I'd love to see Lisbeth Salander's makeup or you could try with Sarah Brightman's as 'Blind Mag' in Repo! The Genetic Opera movie :)

    1. I'm agree with Lisbeth Salander! =D

  13. sweetie!!! I love your posts!! but... I was wondering... when are you going to post more sweet pictures of you and your belly??? we are all expecting to see that beautiful baby growing inside you!! we want pics with the daddy as well!!! pleaseeee!!! I love you!! <3 Kisses, hugs and lotsa love from argentina. :)

  14. You could try with Sarah Brightman's makeup as Blind Mag in Repo! The Genetic Opera. A very dramatic look :-)

  15. Flawless face :) Can't wait to see the June looks! take maaaany pictures, please! :)

  16. Moulin Rouge! The Parisian fin de siecle period is so awesome!

  17. You look beautiful as always Simone! I would really like to see you with a similar hair and make up like the ones Nicole Kidman had in the movie Moulin Rouge... Lots of love from Argentina! <3

  18. You are so beautiful! The corpse bride, one of my favourite Tim Burton's movie!! :-)

  19. Anonymous31.5.13

    I'd love to see you do a look inspired by Titanic, and Kate Winslet's appearance as Rose. It's a very classic and enchanting style which would look stunning on you. :)

  20. Can't wait to see what you will prepare for us! It would be nice to see something from Alice in Wonderland or Corpse Bride...but all of Tim Burton's movies are such amazing!!
    Maybe you can prepare also something for your hair or clothes...that would be incredibly awesome! =)!

  21. Congrats for all the Faces of May, Simone! Well, I looooove Tim Burton too and I can't wait to see what you'll create! I'd realley love to see you as Sally, Alice and why not Edward Scissorhands??? ;) Love ♥

  22. Have you seen Millenium movies inspired in Steig Larsson's books? I would love to see you as the enigmatic Lisbeth Salander, Swedish or American version, as you wish, but it would be very interesting =).

    You look beautiful as usual.

    Regards from Mexico!

  23. Although it's a TV series rather than a movie, I like the 'nude' look of Romola Garai in the The Crimson Petal and the White: http://img.poptower.com/pic-80733/romola-garai.jpg?d=1024

  24. One of the Dracula brides in Francis Ford Coppola´s Dracula. I love the femme fatale look and the vamp attire (not sure if it´s really middle age or not, but love it).

  25. Do a Dracula Bride Inspired make up look =D

  26. I HAVE SOME GREAT IDEAS SMOONSIE! :) Do the Avatar look! that would be SO cool and gorgeous! You can also do one of The Joker in a "female version", I would also like to see you as The Mad Hatter, can also be The Cat in the Hat... I have so many ideas! but I leave you these ones! ;)

  27. An Angelina Jolie inspired look would be great!

  28. Ik wou graag en Western-Look zien, zoals in "Once upun a Time in the West" of en Hitchcock-Look...

  29. Anonymous4.6.13

    I think abou Padmé Amidala from Star Wars will be great, or Fiona from Sherek! haha :)