Movie Star Make Up #2 - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo -

by 12.6.13

Hi Guys,

The next Movie Star Look is from Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander in the remake of the 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'. I thought Rooney was beautiful without the eyebrows and crazy hair.

This is how I look like with almost no eyebrows and black hair. It completely changes the face when you leave the eyebrows out. For this look you only need a super pale foundation, some black liner, mascara and lots of concealer to hide those eyebrows. You can completely erase your eyebrows with a glue stick, but I didn't have any handy when I did this shoot with HEILEMANIA a while back. If you are interested in how to hide your eyebrows, you can find many tutorials on YouTube.

The top, which I am wearing backwards, is from Rouge et Noir. Picture by Stefan Heileman from HEILEMANIA.

Simone Salander
Lisbeth Simons

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  1. Beautiful shot; and great disguise!

  2. Anonymous12.6.13

    You look stunning like always! Heile is an amazing photographer.
    I want to see more of this shoot! (;

  3. Wow... Black hair looks awesome on you!
    I've a question. My eyes are very deep, so when I put on some mascara my eyes are totally black. Do you have a trick or would you like to discuss it? I can put on any eye shadow, but with mascara I'm totally black (or the colour of the mascara :) )

    Look forward to hear from you!

  4. That was my purpose:)) great job!!!

  5. Anonymous12.6.13

    Absolutely beautiful and stunning look. I was hoping you'd take the suggestions for a Lisbeth look into account, and I am very glad to see the results. You pull this one off remarkably well, and your makeup skills never cease to impress. Everything about this picture is amazing, the lighting and editing of the photo really showcase this look perfectly. I can see that Stefan Heileman is a very talented photographer. I'm glad you're taking so much input from your fans in terms of which looks you do, the results are phenomenal. Thanks for sharing, Smoon Salander, I'll be looking forward to your next post!

  6. Anonymous12.6.13

    Great look and Stefan did an amazing job! :)

  7. When I chose a character I didn't think of Lisbeth, you look incredible!! =D You guys did an amazing job! I personally prefered the original swedish film "Män som hatar kvinnor", did you have the chance to watch it? It's great, the whole trilogy is. I must admit that the american adaptation was also quite good!

  8. Oh by the way, which foundation did you use? I'm naturally super pale and I cannot find the right foundtion shade for me =S

    1. I am very unpigmented either and I use the colour "Pale" by NYX since even Bobbi Browns Alabaster is too dark for me (or simply to yellow).
      So if you are a warm type, try Alabaster, if you´re cold, try Pale.
      I am also a fan of the Swedish film, Noomi Rapace is great beeing edgy...

  9. Wow amazing! But this picture was from a while ago? :)love it Smoonsie!

  10. Nice feathers in your hair, it makes me think of Pocahontas hair. Sorry I've never seen Girl with the dragon tattoo, so I can't compare. Interesting concealing your eyebrows, when I was young I got drunk with my Uncle & he shaved my eyebrows & hair off & I felt ridiculous walking into school with no hair, but the eyebrows suit you in this.
    I saw this picture on one of your Facebook fan pages first, could not believe it was you.
    Incredible Simone as always, much respect.

  11. Omg, i looove that movie, and you look like a lot to lisbeth salander <3

  12. You look fantastic! :) Interesting idea!
    And yeah, I also want to ask about the pale foundation as the lady before me. I ordered the lightest foundation from Revlon, but it hasn't arrived yet and I'm also pale. I'll be very grateful for answer :)
    Kisses for you!

  13. This is a hell of a great job. I'd probably wouldn't know it's you if you didn't tell.
    I can see a little bit of the eyebrows, but in general, it really looks like you have none!
    Do you have more pics from this photoshoot?

  14. Nice work! Have you heard about Mareen O'hara. She is Irish film star and singer. Maybe you might consider to reflect her style with your line of sight.
    Here is an example photo of her :

  15. You're always really creative and Heile is always the best!! =)

  16. I love Rooney Mara as Lisbeth! *__* Nice job with the eyebrows, mine are very dark and only concealer wouldn't do.
    I'm now reading the second book of the Millennium trilogy, in English,, which is my second language.
    Loving it too! And from what I've read, I believe the other movies of the franchise will be much more kick-ass than the first one!

  17. The next MSMU would be a Tim Burton's look right? How about trying to recreate both queens of Alice in Wonderland? :D It would totally rock

  18. Anonymous25.6.13

    Wow!! You really do look like her!! My fave so far!! :)

  19. Really wonderful, black hair fits you so perfectly!

    Have you seen the swedish Millenium films? Noomi Rapace is also a great Lisbeth Salander!