New Haircut

by 4.7.13

The approaching summer is always a good excuse to get a new fresh haircut, split ends even more. To get rid of my split ends I decided to get some layers in my hair and still keep the length in the back. Beginning of May I made an appointment with a new hair dresser and am really happy with the end result.

Split ends begone! My hair is easier to style and doesn't way down as much as before. It has more volume due to the cut. It is always a little scary when you see all that hair lying on the floor, but my hair feels so much better now.

To create the 'Wavy Curls', I use the Remington 32mm wand. It's my current favorite curling device. I take bigger sections of hair and only curl the ends for 10 seconds on 180 degrees Celsius. After the hair is cooled down, I shake them a little. I don't even always use hair spray since it takes away the freshly washed feeling and the curls stay in without it as well. It takes up about 10 minutes to get my hair looking like it does on the picture.

Any of you thinking of a new summer hairstyle? Let me know in the comments!

No more bad hair days.
The lipstick that I'm wearing is Clinique's 'Heftiest Hibiscus' intense Chubbystick.

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  1. It's awesome! I cut my hair too, I had long hair and I cut them to totally short :) i always need a change!

  2. My hair is almost in the middle of the back, I keep them long because I'm getting married in August! But I think that once the honeymoon past, I cut all and make a cut in the same genre as you but shorter!
    My long hair is very thick and wavy, and when it's hot (for the moment in France is not the heatwave;)) it's really a hassle, especially when it is wet I have a lot of frizz x_x
    Have a nice day

  3. I like your hair!!The periodic haircut is good. I was redhead for 3 years, but in April I dyed my hair to light pearl blonde, it's my summer hairstyle :D. I'm very satisfied with it. In fall I'd like go to auburn:) Evereybody says, I'm a chameleon :P Well, I'll see it. Love, from Hunngary

  4. I had the same haircut last month:) But I don't have that thick hair as you, so my hairdresser cut it and now I have bobbed hair with longer hair in the front, because it adds volume:) You look lovely!

    Kisses Sherylis

  5. I have the same haircut. And the same color, but it's my natural color. And, btw, you're very pretty with this haircut:)

  6. that looks so beautiful :)

  7. You look amazing! I wish my hair was as beautiful as yours! Simply wonderful! *-*
    I think your new hair cut emphasizes your beautiful face! Very lovely!

  8. Anonymous4.7.13

    This style looks so lovely on you, S! I love the layers, your hairdresser must be brilliant. I'm sure it's much easier to style and manage when there's less of it! I've always had long hair, on and off, and your head really does feel much lighter when some of it's gone. Also, it's a lot easier to manage.

    At the moment, my hair goes about half of the way down my shoulder-blades and has natural light waves in it at places. I have it at its natural colour, which is kind of a light brown or a dark blonde. It's got a mind of its own most of the time, but that looks good on me so I don't mind.

    I'm thinking of getting it done with dramatic layering, and much shorter, maybe to my neck. I'm happy with my natural colour for now, so for now I'll leave it the way it is. Though I'm going to wait a couple of months since I live in Australia. A Spring haircut is much more pleasant than a Winter one!

    Thanks for sharing your story and photos with us. :)

  9. I know I want to cut my hair, because like you had, I have lots of split ends. At the same time, I've had long hair without layers, just a few ones in the front, for such a long time, I'm feeling a bit nervous to change it up. I've had layers in the past, similar to your hair in the pictures, but it turned my hair into a curly mess.

    So I don't know how I want it done, just know I need to!
    Your hair looks great!

    Hope you have a nice day, and I want to wish you good luck with the rest of the pregnancy :)

  10. Lovely hairstyle!
    I've had this 'V' hairstyle for years. I'd like to change its color, but I haven't decided about it yet.

  11. I loved your hair!
    this week I cut mine too, because was also with many split ends ... your hair is beautiful!
    have a great day

  12. beautiful hairstyle! I love color of your hair! :)

  13. Anonymous4.7.13

    Wow its so short now! It looks great though. I have the same kind of style. Very easy, but it looks nicer than having everything at the same length!

    The colour looks amazing as well! Do you use henna?

  14. Anonymous4.7.13

    Your hair is beautiful! I love the color of it! My hair is pretty short and it won't get curled for much time, so I can't do lots of curls on it ;-;

  15. Anonymous4.7.13

    I had the color of my hair white and now he is purple. I want to change my hair color again!! I loved your new hair style! Look's so sweet! <3

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  17. me encanto♥! yo tambien corte mi pelo al quedarme embarazada !!! uno necesita sentirse más comoda y fresca !!!

  18. I cut my hair yesterday. It was too long (lower back) but I have too much hair and it's becomes really heavy, specially in summer. We are now at 39°C and at the end of July or Beginning of August we achieve to 50°C (No kidding!). So I cut my hair a litle bit shorter (up in the shoulders) and made some bangs and I look like a Pin Up, which in fact I love the idea haha.

    Regards, you look cute! I loved your hair cut, very natural. How's the baby growing? I wish you the best for all of You =).

  19. I went from mid-back lenght to a pixie cut... I don't think you can get any more change than that! :D

  20. Simone! You're so great with hair maybe you can help me! I'm going to be in Africa for a month with no running water, or mirrors, or electricity! I want to look cute in all the pictures, though, so what cut/style would look good with hardly any styling?

  21. Anonymous4.7.13

    It's about a couple of weeks that I'm thinking that I have to go to cut my hair, to make a refresh, even to change a little bit the style without touching the colour...
    But can I ask you something? What are the products that you use to have this hair? It looks really healthy.I mean shampoo, conditioner , masks, oil, intensive treatments ,hair dye...I don't know, do you also take some supplements? It looks always beautiful...I remember a video on youtube that you did, but I can't remember all products...^^

  22. I just have to cut my hair as soon as posible because the split ends are normal to me, my hair is very dry :( my hairstyle is very simple, it's at the same length and a little bit longer than yours. When I have an appoiment whith my hair dresser (who is my aunt, so, I don't have to pay :P) I can't decide for a new style, so I only cut my splid ends.

    Your new hair style is beatuful and you look awesome, as always :) I love the color you have, I have always wanted to wear tahat color :P

    Regards from Colombia

    PD: I'd like you to do a photoshot about your pregnanci, pregnand ladies are the most beautiful ladies in the wolrd :)

  23. Hi Simone,

    I like it! So soft and modern! But I prefer keep my long hair... But you look so fine with whatever haircut! Nice hair and nice color!

  24. I've done a more radical change as I've cut it short for the same reasons you have + during pregnancy after the 7th month is lots easier to wash and style it! One curiosity: have you been doing color "updates" lately? Hugs, amelia

  25. Hi Simone! It looks AMAZING on you!
    By the way, I'm looking for a new haircut too. Something more dangerous :)
    Take care <3

  26. I cut my hair some months ago, but I don't liked the result... :/ I will have to wait for it grow again to TRY to make a "beutiful" cut, but I don't want to waaaait!!! :( I need my hair back!! ;(
    Oh, and your hair continues veeeery beutiful as usual... And you too!! :)
    Kisses from Brazil!! :D

  27. I love your new hair cut, I play with my hair in the summer but mine i really short...I have a request, im pregnant too, and sometimes i can find the right look for me..can you help me with thi??? please..loves

  28. Looks so flawless!
    It looks so great with the layers.
    My hair is not so perfect ;)

    Lovely greeting,
    Jess from

  29. I'm glad with my hair so i haven't planned anything :D But you look good in new haircut. Isn't your hair too dark now?

  30. I have the same cut, the degrade one. But my hair is still to the waist. I am personally very satisfied with it!Because of the fact that I am kinda scared of the curler damaging my hair,I only use the classic curlers with the hot water. Hair is "heavy" so the curls "open" and look really natural. But still I would appreciate it if you could suggest a product that could make the curls last longer. Take care Simone, kisses from Greece

  31. lovely haircut! suits you really well... you look freshy like that!
    I prefer stright edges, but a small change once in a while is a great thing.

  32. wow I loved your hair! :) very very nice! I will also cut mine because it is very damaged :( but nothing like a BIG change, just a little cause I want to leave it long :)

  33. Simone está linda!!! Amei seu novo corte!

  34. I am enchanted! Fairytale hair, haha :D You even look younger a little.
    So, let us know: for when is your sweet? *curiosity*
    Good night :*

  35. I shaved my hair off last week. I do that every summer. My hair grows healthier and faster. I think this will be the last summer I do that though. I want to start letting my hair grow again. You look beautiful here Simone :)

  36. You look gorgeous, of course. Curly hair fits you very well. But you what i loved about your look? The color of your hair! That's what i'm gonna change of my look this summer. Since i'm still in college, im thinking on dye my hair of blue :p.

  37. Oh that's really shorter! You're different but still beautiful!
    Very nice! ;-)

  38. This haircut is sooooo beautiful!!!
    You look amazing!!!

    I'll get a new one next month. I'm thinking about bangs, but I must remember it is a lot of work to keep them in place, I have a really wavy hair... Just looking at Zooey Deschanel's pictures wont make my bangs behave. xD

    Hugs from Brazil.

  39. Simone,
    In my case I´ll let my hair grow up forever and ever :)
    I love so much having long hair ...