Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Catrice - Papaya Don't Preach -

Let me begin by telling you that I love multi purpose beauty products, or how I like to use them for more than just what they are categorized for. For example: a lipstick as a creme blush, hand cream to take away the frizziness of my hair, aspirin to take away the redness in pimples and more.

For years I have been using blushes as eyeshadows and now I have found the perfect eyeshadow that works great as a blush too. A huge bonus; it is tiny and great for traveling.

I am talking about a new Catrice eyeshadow 'Payapa don't Preach'. A great name for all those that love Madonna, peaches and papaya's @Funnypilgrim.

Since a while I have been searching for a nice peachy, salmony eye shadow. In my collection there was not that particular color that I wanted, but thanks to Catrice I now have it!

For €2,79 a great two in one product. Perfect for spring and summer, even though I love this color all  day every day, eyes, lips, face and clothing.

Don't you just love it when you find a great beauty product that is affordable? 

Applied on the eyes and cheeks


  1. Love how the color goes with your skin. What mascara are you using for this make-up?

  2. Unfortunately we don't have so many brands that are good and affordable as we wish. But Catrice, even if imported seems to be a good choice when you don't have much money to spend on a MAC or a Dior/D&G item. I'm in love with Revlon right now, it's really difficult to find products that work just fine on my skin, the eyeliner is the hardest one, now I'm searching for a good purple matte lipstick, cause we are getting closer to the winter. Would you recommend some?
    PS: your photshoot and photosession with Tim is really stunning!

  3. I love your black top. Where did you buy it, Simone?

  4. Hello my dear!
    you look amazing in that pic, i love the way how you highlight your cheekbones. I really love that color that you use here. The first time that i used a eyeshadow like blush was a mistake but it results very good.

    i sent you greetings. :3

  5. Hi! I returned to recommend you a guy who make vídeos on youtube, if you knew him, sorry. He is awesome.
    Youtube/gossmakeupartist. You'll lo ve him :-)

  6. Hi again Simone !
    I think you do not know the brand Avril. They are super affordable and good quality products. I recommend you their organic range (http://www.avril-beaute.fr/5-produits-de-beaute-bio) -> if you use google chrome you will have the translation.
    Now that you are living in Germany , you can easily find Alverde and Lavera . they are really nice brands, not too expensive. Do you know them ? I would love to see you using these products :)
    Bye :*

  7. It's indeed a great color to wear on your cheeks and eyes as well! very practical and soft :) it's a bummer to pay for a small product when you want it to last, but the price seems to be totally affordable so that's not a big deal!

  8. Hey Simone!!
    I also love Catrice. Since I'm a student again I don't have a fortune (and buying make-up of it is almost unthinkable!!!) and I love a lipstick from catrice called My red card (080). It's deep red and it smells DELICIOUS!!! When I put it on, I take a sheet of paper to matte it, because when I apply it full it makes me feel so dramatic.
    I also own a concealer pen from Catrice. My skin under my eyes is really dark, I look always like I haven't slept for years. This concealer makes it a little better, but it's gone halfway the day.

    I hope you enjoy the nice weather :) and please do some more budget posts :D

    See you april 30th!!!

  9. Really nice ....I'll try to find that kind of shadow in my country, I would like to buy this brand of makeup but still not come to Peru.

  10. Hello Simone,
    This colour reminded me of your "tour but" video I watched moths ago (where you showed us all the inside of the bus)
    I would like to see pictures of you in the same outfit of that day, "flamingo colour" shirt. and that beautiful necklace etc...
    Greetings <3