Spring Eyes

by 19.4.14

It is time for a lot of color! Spring makes everything colorful.

I know I have been wearing a lot of neutral make up looks, so I wanted to play around with my bright eye shadows and create a fun look for you guys.

This look was inspired by a MAC PRO Quad which I put together myself. I wanted to do a look that included all the colors. Because the eyes were so super colorful, I decided to go for a soft pinky blush and pink lips. 

It kind of reminds me of a sunset on a meadow. Oliver said I looked like a canary haha! Little did he know that one of the eyeshadows is called 'Canary Yellow'.

- Used products -
  • Manhattan endless stay make up in porcelain (best drugstore foundation for oily combo skin)
  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer in light
  • Catrice 010 Blond but Brow'd 010 eyebrow pencil (discontinued) (insert sad face)
  • Milani Luminous baked blush
  • Mac Pro Canary Yellow e/s on the lid.
  • Mac Pro Orange e/s on the outer part of the crease.
  • Mac Pro Coral e/s blended in the crease.
  • Mac Pro Bio Green e/s on the lower lash line.
  • Mac Coffee eye pencil as an eyeliner.
  • Maybelline The Rocket waterproof mascara
  • Clarins 105 Peach Sorbet lipstick

I know that this look is not for everyone, but it is meant to wear for fun and to play around with make up ;)

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  1. You look really beautiful Simone! <3 These colours fit you very well. :)

  2. Wow, kinda Julianne Moore look. Love your hair.

  3. Such great vibrant colors! Love the look!

  4. Such a great look. Those colors look very good on your pale skin (maybe your shadow is grey).

  5. Hei I like your makeup soooooo much! You should try the products of kiko make up! I buy all there: lips, nails, creams.... and it isn't expensive :)

  6. It's a great idea to wear a colourful eyeshadow with this dress.
    Please never stop inspiring us, Love.

  7. ^^ yesterday I ordered yellow eyeshadows too :) so I will be experimenting with my eyes for few days :) Kisses ;)

  8. Hey Simone, you look gorgeous! I was wondering if you can tell me an advice about allergies and make up, i had a problem last month with a concealer so if you have any experience with that and you got any brand that might help with sensitive skin would be amazing!
    Thanks for reading and keep enjoying life with your family :)

  9. So pretty.

    Join my GIVEAWAY?


  10. Lookin' great with that high ponytail :)

  11. Fresh, fun, colorful and original, great for spring :) Love it!

  12. OMG! I want this white skin! So perfect! You are so pretty that I don't have words to tell you! Loooove ♥

  13. Where did you buy that dress?

  14. It's wonderful! I don't use so colourful make up but this one look just amazing.
    I wonder how this pink eyeshadow looks by itself.

  15. I think it looks just fine, it's not too much. You managed to create a subtle combination of these vibrat colors. Great job .-)

  16. Anonymous23.4.14

    You have an incredible complexion and the colors go just perfect with your eyes! Wonderful job!

  17. Anonymous24.4.14

    do you dye your eyebrows or is just the eyebrow pencil that gives it this colour? cause I remember that years ago they had a different colour...

  18. Anonymous24.4.14

    p.s your skin colour is amazing...^^I love it