Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Glitter Bomb

One of the cool parts of being in a band and doing my own make up is that I can wear glitter on my face, even when it isn't the Christmas season.

For our show in Utrecht, I wanted to create a 3D glitter make up look with a neutral lip. The pin up look was moved aside for this show and made way for the glitter goodness. Kryolan gave me some new glitter to play with and a great adhesive to make sure they wouldn't travel all over my face during the show.

After applying a base of 'metallique' in mysterious blue I went over with a black eyeshadow in the crease to create a cat eye v-shape. On the center of the lid I applied Living Color in Emerald.

The main glitters that I used were Polyester glimmer in Petrol Blue and Polyester Glimmer in Pearl White and Nyx Glitter on the Go in Platinum.

For my inner corner highlight and all over glow, I used Kryolan's Living Color Pigment in Silk Gold.

On the lips I am wearing MAC Creamkiss liner with Posh Tone lipstick on top.

Pictures by Tim Tronckoe



  1. Very beautiful, Simone. While in a band you can really be more creative with make-up. I love glitter :)

  2. You are a lovely lady Simone and have stunning cheek bones! You have the best looks when you go on stage to rock out :)

  3. beautiful like ever my dear :-*
    but i'm more in love with this red (it was red or?) make up from leipzig :)

    see you in munich :) and hey do a little bit more glitter on you, i love sparkling <3

  4. I don't think she had plastic surgery... If you look closely, you'll see that she just paints her lips bigger than they are. And her cheeks look different because of the make up. Yes, make up can change the face of anyone.

  5. Great look! Stage makeup is so much fun! I love glitters, I just got the Lit glitters, they are also amazing, you should check them out if you didn't already :)

  6. I was there in Utrecht and I did notice your sparkly eyes from the front row.
    Nice pics ;-)

  7. The most perfect face you can have! You're beautiful, Simone. I love how you manage the right makeup for you!

  8. Beautiful makeup look!! I love how it looks on stage with the lights! Well, with your face nothing can look bad!

    Sparkle Simone! ❤

  9. Great look! How do you remove such heavy (not in a bad way) eye makeup, without pulling your skin? Do you find it time consuming?

  10. Do you want to know what it reminded me of? Those pics of the Universe! AWESOME!

  11. Du siehst wunderschön aus und hast einen herrlichen Gesichtsausdruck... Schöne! Und natürlich ... toll geschminkt. Was für ein Glitzer auf dem Auge!

  12. Cóųntess Bąthory MőrtïsSunday, January 25, 2015

    i love it...very flawless skin

  13. Cóųntess Bąthory MőrtïsSunday, January 25, 2015

    im also a bit fan of salmon and was very delicious...that pic was very nice and very appetizing

  14. Viktorija Olimpija RakūnaitėTuesday, January 27, 2015

    Gorgeous look!