Neutral Nails

by 7.1.15

After all the colorful Christmas, New Years Eve nails I was longing for a nice neutral nail. That can sometimes also be good for a change. 

I started of with my favorite base coat from P2 the Base and Care coat. I totally recommend this! Sometimes I just use two layers of this and I am ready to go. Today I wanted to add another nail polish to it to give it just that extra chique look.

The nail polish I went for was Essie's Limo-scene. Lisa Eldridge once wore it in one of her videos and I had to have it of course. When I first used it, I wasn't so pleased with it. It is quite streaky.
With two base layers and two layers of limo-scene it looks amazing!

My nails were topped of with Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat. It never fails! Good for people with little time and patience to do their nails.

What is your favorite neutral nail?


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  1. Yasmin Medina7.1.15

    Hello Simone! Happy New Year to you and your family! Unlike many people, i will not talk about some famous or international brand, i like to explore things that have in my country, nothing especial, but here in Brazil we have a well-known nail polish brand, called Risqué, and my favourite neutral nail is Renda (income), an delicate color!

  2. Oriana7.1.15

    My two fav natural nails are "Silk Wrap" by Inglot and "Coney Island Cotton Candy" by OPI, the first more white and the second little more natural-pinky :)

  3. Gorgeous shade, I've been looking for one just like it! Will have to check it out. My current go-to neutral is Mavala's Rose Shell which is just a little on the pink side for a true nude x

    Kat from Blushing Rose

  4. Love this colour. For a change, it is a very good choice, since I love black, red, burgundy, grey and brown. The only thing I do not like about essie is the price. 10€ for a nail polish :(

  5. Ana Dobrota8.1.15

    "Eveline 8in1" in 2 coats, and it does wonders for nail quality.

  6. Sharmayn Vinke8.1.15

    That's a lovely neutral colour. Though not as neutral as this one, but I love Catrice Cosmetics 06 My Café Au Lait At Nôtre-Dame (Ultimate Nudes).

  7. Essie's 'Take it Outside' is my favorite at the moment – prefer darker neutrals but 'Limo-scene' now needs to be in my life. :)

  8. Marina Cruzeiro9.1.15

    The best translate for "renda" in this case is "lace" ;)

  9. Georgia A9.1.15 I see that, out of all the nail shapes shown in the picture, you are more of a squoval person. On the other hand, I find that medium length, oval nails suit me better. I go for neutral nails a lot, because I find they look classy and go with everything. I own the same nail polish, but I don't use it a lot because I was too bored to put one layer after the other. I have a manicurist next door, so it's easier for me to just have permanent manicure once a month. Otherwise, I get frustrated by all the painting and chipping etc etc. I save the bold nail polishes only for summer, Christmas and special occasions. Maybe that's just me getting old! LOL! PS: You gotta love Lisa. She's the best....<3

  10. Yasmin Medina9.1.15

    Hi, thank you! I'm still perfecting my english! (Not easy for self didact :'( ) hehe.

  11. Sofia Torrinha10.1.15

    Hi!! I too have some nail polish from Essie's but i don't like it very much.. don't know if it's the pencil or ... i don't know lol :S but the one I use more often is "Essie's like linen nº14"
    The "Golden Rose Paris" has some neutral colors polishes that I like and use often (nudes ...), it's very affordable and the duration is long. ;)

  12. Super post! I haven't tried this color, but I loooooove the way it looks, and neutral nails more generally speaking :)
    Favourite neutral nails depending on my mood :) :
    - the OPI NYC ballet collection, for the whiter/greyer shades
    - Vanity Fairest from Essie, classic neutral pink color
    - Mamba from Essie which was a great found! It is a bit more "orangy" but looks very classy, neutral and not so neutral at the same time (but this one doenst fit everybody: really depends on your skin/fingers color, have to try it before buying!)

    And apparently the Queen of England uses Ballet Slippers from Essie for her neutral nails :))