by 14.1.15

If you ask me which brand would make the best highstreet brushes besides Real Techniques, I would say ZOEVA. Some of their brushes I even prefer over MAC Cosmetics. 

They released eight new brushes that I would love to introduce to you.

109 Face Paint Vegan €12,80 - A flat contour brush for creme contour
112 Face Curve €12,80 - A flat foundation brush with round edges. Great to get into more difficult areas of the face.
107 Powder Polish €16,80 - For the application of loose and pressed powder foundations. I use it for my MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation.
129 Luxe Fan €10,80 - This is a multi tool friend you don't want to miss in your kit. You can use it for applying highlight, face powder, bronzer and blush. I mainly use it of applying highlighter, but will also try out the other ways as well.

310 Spot Liner €6,80 - The smallest of the new brushes, but my favorite! Originally meant for eyeliner, tight lining and filling in the gaps between the lashes. I use it also for 'spot' control damage. Covering up spots, blemishes, light scarring. I need to get more of these! Totally recommend this! Indeed the smallest brush. Size does matter ;)
325 Luxe Brow Light €7,80 - For applying highlighter on the brow bone.
220 Luxe Grande Shader €8,80 - Apply your eyeshadow with one swipe. Great for bigger eye shapes.
114 Luxe Face Focus €12,80 - Great for precise application of blush, highlighter, contouring. I love to use it to set my concealer with. Another one of my favorites!

These brushes are super affordable, great quality and super soft. They don't feel like some bearded guy is peeling your skin, like some other brushes of a bigger brand do. They survive washing without shedding hair. 

If you are starting with make up, ZOEVA is a safe choice. You get more than your money's worth.

You can order ZOEVA online: ZOEVA


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  1. I started by buying a Zoeva set back in 2010 and they are still going strong. I don't like every brush in the set, but the eyeshadow brushes are fab.

    Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. Jessie Line15.1.15

    i'm in Hamburg and Berlin this weekend (haha ;) ) so i'll take a look to the shops maybe i can find some of this brushes ;) i need some new stuff :D

  3. The brushes are beautiful :D...
    Simons 1 question, your since do you clean your brushes? :3

  4. Malu Dido15.1.15

    I´m looking for some new brushes. They seem to be a good option, and could be purchased on line.

  5. Alessandra16.1.15

    Hi Simone! I've bought the Bamboo Set from Zoeva 2 years ago, they're awesome! You can wash them every day without problem!
    Enjoy your new brushes! Xoxo

  6. Eva Sêco18.1.15

    I'm very very simple about make up... A little eyeshadow, lipstick and out the door... I wouldn't know what each brush would be to... (did I wrote this right? Sounds weird to me)

  7. Tal Peleg19.1.15

    The brushes looks awesome.
    I didn't hear about this brand before, but I really wish to check them out now. The "Spot Liner" seem like it was made for me! I need this in my life...